MASSIVE: Global Chaos Isn’t Coming… It’s HERE!

MASSIVE: Global Chaos Isn’t Coming… It’s HERE!

This video gives you a real look at the global chaos that’s here.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Hi Luke. I'm here in England. I don't live in London but an hour and a half drive South. Here we have no cameras. Plus yes Truss is a WEF witch but the back bench Libertarian Tories are not too bad. They stopped this country having a vax passport or demanding shots before entry to the UK and kept the UK freer than the US. We even were not forced to wear masks here as we can stand in our sovereignty unlike mainland Europe which is under Roman you must do what the state says law. Near me one of the people instrumental is writing the US Constitution Thomas Paine worked on US freedom in Lewes East Sussex. There are a lot of freedom fighters here fighting statists. As an person who hasn't had the clot shot I still cannot visit the US or Canada but I can visit loads of places in Europe.

  2. Right down the road from Jackson MS. It's been ran by low IQ democrats for decades. That's why it has extreme death rates, violent crime, and crap infrastructure

  3. Europeans are going to have to hunt down and destroy the WEF gangsters and financiers if they want to survive as humans. Perhaps the next few winters will help them make up their minds collectively ?!?!

  4. If it wasn't for lockdowns, convid and the printing of billions we wouldn't have this energy/inflationary crisis here in the UK, or around the world for that matter. We are being constantly lied too by the government to a point where no one trusts any of the political parties or the MSM. Additionally blaming the Russian/Ukraine war is starting to wear a bit thin, and will be even more exposed once the winter sets in when people will hit the streets. It's all on the WEF reset agenda and part of the climate bollocks narrative.

  5. My handle here is a little hint to my dark humour- funny because it's true. I'm honestly torn between necessity of sharing my knowledge, obtained for the last 25 years and giving no single damn, as I was warning on twitter about civilization collapse for the last 4 years. Help me out here bud. I don't need to do it, I'll be just fine. I'm not a sociopath however, it's just way past of time to act and prepare for those, who haven't decided to do so. Everything I know is a physical knowledge. I practice what I preach. I just don't preach too much. I have no patience for ignorance. That's the main reason, why I'm holding back. I don't look for fame, been there- didn't like it.

  6. Did anyone ever consider that if Jackson had “white people” maybe the water crisis would not be happening?

    I am not saying that anything would be any different. I am saying that skin color is likely not the cause of the problem. It is likely the result of poor government problems.

  7. Today’s useless youths tattooed dyed and stupid brainwashed by the government indoctrination centers! And the disgusting Hollywood perverts who like promoting perverse behavior and NWO ideas!!

  8. As long as people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are not jailed our resistance has to grow every single day!
    They want to kill 95% of us and totally enslave the rest!
    That must be stopped on all fronts!

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