MASSIVE: Kissinger Issues Chilling Warning To America

MASSIVE: Kissinger Issues Chilling Warning To America

This video gives you a real look at what’s happening between the East and West and what’s behind Kissinger’s chilling warning.

The shirts –

Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Welcome to today's hysterical rant based upon the Daily Mail from this (forgive me for laughing) "Independent Media Channel" which is, of course, of course, a teashirt peddler.

    If you think the Daily Mail got anything wrong, do let Luke know – I assume he'll send them an email or something.

  2. its the state against the people…always was…MIB complex…Military Industrial Banking complex…
    Debt….equals profit…war equals profit… balance of power…
    the outcome your climate change nonense is poverty….crushing poverty…

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