Massive Melbourne Uprising! CBD protests growing larger.

The Melbourne cbd protests against the Andrews government and the medical mandates, government lockdowns. There is no question these protests are growing larger by the week.

We’ll bring you more footage throughout the day.

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Head over to to sign the petition to block this bill threatening our human rights.

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  1. Hope there are more protests with more protestors. We have our say after listening to big ears Andrews BS and Scott Morrison who said there would be no Mandatory Vaccinations. Liar, Liar.

  2. Love how the MSM sheep are calling these people "anti vaxxers"
    "do they know that the pandemic laws are going to be the same as other states" (which they're not, vic laws are worse as other states have actual oversight )
    "I'm fully vaccinated and I don't want to be around unvaccinated people"(That one is really worrying to see, I'm lost for words when people say this. How damn stupid can one person be to say this)
    So sick of the blind sheep following MSM not understand Dan CANNOT be trusted. No state should mandate anything so you can work and provide for your family, freedom of one self is a god given right and these state premiers have zero right to say otherwise.

  3. Every race, every political stance, every gender, every age, vaxxed, unvaxxed, born and bred, refugee, immigrant, and every occupation represented in these crowds. So damn proud of you Melbourne, despite your differences you're taking a stand, together. Bless you all and never concede. Fight for your right, fight for what freedom we have left.

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