Massive Metricon Layoffs – 2/3rds of Sales Staff Fired

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Metricon has fired 2/3rds of their New South Wales sales staff. A clear indication of their expectations for the future.


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  1. I would have expected that metricon would not be selling any houses at all in NsW if they’re just going to make a loss attempting to build them – and if house prices tumble the owners may not have money to complete

  2. Just leave the country come back as a refugee get a government grant of $500000 to set up a business in competition against the people that already live here . It's the new norm screwing Australians .

  3. Large Corporates know its better to fire staff (family) in the middle of the week. If they do it friday, those fired may get depressed on the weekend and self delete which is bad for PR. This has been researched and is an unspoken policy.

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