Massive Offensives by the Russians to Terminate Ukraine

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On the other side of the line is Godfrey Bloom. Recorded mid December.

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  1. It seems clear that the war in Ukraine is a prelude to and an excuse for the coming, attempted military defeat of Russia aimed at reducing that presently sovereign nation into another vassal-state, no different than Zelensky's puppet play-land, owned by George Soros’s globalist elite, headquartered in Washington, D.C. They are, as Col. Macgregor pegged them, mean-spirited narcissists, personally offended by contrary views and intolerant of all opposition. But the Russians will never countenance defeat by conventional weapons. They will not allow that to happen. Therein is their last card, the nuclear option. Thus ends the world, or, at any rate our world, mankind — just as British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, observed before the beginning of another suicidal world war, “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is, because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing.” Thus perished fifty million human beings, followed by the on-going collapse of Western Civilization. “The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history,” observed the German philosopher, Georg Hegel.

  2. The nations of NATO would be well served to disband or at least change their purpose. Include all nations willing to be in a security agreement, including Russia and any other nation,…Hmm isn't that supposed to be the U.N.

  3. I am russian and I totaly approve your message. Thank you. After our Russia kill all the Ukranians, Poland will be next than England. You should be the next US president. We will do everything we can.

  4. Historically, Russians and Ukrainians belong to one "pan -Russian nation", originally speaking Common language: Old East Slavic. Wikipedia
    Until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine had never been an independent state."
    "Borderland: A Journey Through The History Of Ukraine" 1999.
    Ukraine first emerged as the Ukrainian Soviet Republic only as an integral part of the Soviet Union, after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Civil War – the aftermath of the World War l and collapse of the Russian Empire.
    Russians lived on this land long before Bolsheviks created the Soviet Ukraine, in place of Southern Governorates of Russian Empire, Bolsheviks created Ukrainian Republic in factitious, artificial boundaries, with Russian speaking areas such as Donbass, the industrial hub of Russian Empire, included in it.
    In the Soviet Ukraine as a rule nobody ever cared about neighbor's ethnicity, Russians and Ukrainians used to live side by side, speak both languages, Russian kids were students of Ukrainian schools, and vice versa. Ukrainian culture, museums, arts, theaters, folk were flourishing and financed by the Government. .
    Russians and Russian speakers used to make about 40% of population in Ukraine.
    Albeit unlike many multi-ethnic countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, to name a few, the new constitution of Independent Ukraine
    declared that only Ukrainian language enjoys a status of the official and social communication language.
    Schools in Ukraine scrap Russian
    language from their curricular"
    Some prefer to gloss over the extensive role that Svoboda, Right Sector, and other ultranationalist and outright neo-Nazi factions played during the 2014 "Maidan Revolution"(and beyond) in Ukraine.
    The Cultural Cleansing of Ethnic Russians was unleashed in the Ukraine. All Russian schools were abolished, Russians in Ukraine faced the humiliation, distortion of the Russia's great history, destruction of their historical heritage, memorials of the Second World War, monuments related to the history of the Motherland Russia.
    After collapse of the Soviet Union Ukraine established itself as the Anti Russia, as the "Bulwark of Aggression on Russian Border", threatening to ruin to destroy Russia.
    Which is why ethnic Russians of Ukraine on the historically Russian territories, voted for the returning back home to the Motherland Russia, where they historically belong, albeit were included century ago in the artificial Soviet Republic of Ukraine, "by virtue of "International Revolutionaries, Bolsheviks staging "Great Experiment," on the remnants of Russian Empire…

  5. 18:09 KMT what is that🤔? you learn something new with
    "Colonel Douglas MacGregor" 🍻👏👍👍. Colonel MacGregor speaks with transparency and COMMON SENSE ("it's hard enough to cross 40miles of ocean, let alone 100miles of ocean between China and Twain strip")

  6. Great discussion, but it's evidently clear why the collective West is hostile to the Putin led Russia. Russia is an emerging global power and covers large portions of the Eurasian heartland, having access to an abundance of resources, which in itself makes it very powerful. Couple that with the brain power in science and technology (as demonstrated in this war) it's potential is almost limitless. The United States has always viewed the rapprochement of Russia and Western Europe (especially Germany) as a threat to their position as a global hegemon. It it is not interested in a strong and sovereign Russia that is an independent player on the world stage, thus the hostility against Vladimir Putin ever since he entered office twenty something years ago. They want a weak Russia, controlled by corrupt oligarchs that they can control and exploit like they did back in the 1990's.

    This war presents a turning point in history, shifting the tetonic plates of power from Western uni-polarity to a more balanced multi-polar system, led by China, India, Russia and other emerging Eurasian powers. My fear is that the elites in the West, miring in their deluded narcissism, are unable to accept this which will further fuel the flames of conflict on the global stage.

  7. 3:03 not only can Americans not find Ukraine on the map, most Americans cant distinguish between Vermont and New Hampshire. … … … I get it. They think and what's happening is equivalent to World War II Nazi atrocities but to them it's no more than an NFL game. … … … No one has asked himself how his life would appreciably change were Ukraine to disappear from the map. The wheat will still leave Crimea because there's money to be made from Russians selling Ukrainian wheat. … … … Likewise, nobody is asking himself what would happen if a swath of the United States from Florida to Texas simply seceded, or at the very least simply nullified all or most federal law. The answer is that nothing would change. Florida oranges would get to New York and Texas beef would get to Minnesota.

  8. I think the discussion was really interesting .with regards the the ww1 and ww11 .if I didn’t happen as tragic as it was .I decimated the European empire and sent them to hell ,considering the total Caucasian population is about 14% of the world and they robbed and slaved everyone else x so I guess karmas a bithch !!!!

  9. This all BS and there is no great Russian victory coming. Mostly, this is all right wing c***! The Col. is now a Russian propagandist. I am ashamed that the Col is now a Putin troll. God bless the Ukrainians in their fight to stay free.

  10. An excellent interview Mr Bloom by a a real expert knowing what he's talking aboat. Thanks Col.

    You're just out of another clas👍👍👍. We are sick of this western mainstream Soros, global elite sickefants talking crapp

    I make no secret of the fact 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👍👍👍👍👍👍Sort this American British puppet out forekeeps

  11. Here is a little background on this guy. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Macgregor appeared on three Fox News programs to speak in support of Russia's actions. Russian state television broadcast excerpts of Macgregor's appearances, which included a characterization of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a "puppet," that Russian forces had been "too gentle" in the early days of the invasion and that Russian president Vladimir Putin was being "demonized" by the United States and NATO. Macgregor said he believed Russia should be allowed to seize whatever parts of Ukraine it wanted.

  12. The outright depth of misinformation and lying by our overpaid, highly paid US mainstream media, frightens me and most thinking Americans on how close the world is to WW3.

    Colonel MacGregor is one of the few Americans giving thinking Americans the truth and insanity going on in Ukraine and how seriously foolish our American US Security State has been intentionally and secretively getting us closer and closer to WW3 with Russia, a war that will be fought with nuclear weapons. Some fools in DC actually feel America after a total strategic nuclear exchange, America’s Pentagon can win a full scale strategic nuclear war! Madness, insanity prevails in DC and our Pentagon.

    When Ukraine falls to Russia, will our Pentagon allow NATO to withdraw from Ukraine and accept full defeat? That will depend on the American sheeple and how they will react to the US Mainstream Media’s message that full scale strategic nuclear war with Russia is necessary to save Ukraine. God help us all!

  13. Why can't Pom's get to the point in questions, with less opinion and be more concise in questions & no stammering & blathering please? Great guest, Macgregor is awesome, but get to the important stuff quicker!

  14. It’s the WEF and all their partners and pawns in control of most countries EXCEPT Russia that wants this war to eliminate Russia so they can implement their new world order agenda 30 world government. THATS WHAT THIS WAR IS ALL ABOUT.

  15. ,Col great! frank truthful and blunt words which only a soldier can speak !but your analysis on China may be a bit too soft .China after 1949 as a ruthless communist power .in its expansionist policies is the OBOR project and development projects by probably bribing the rulers and taking over their ports as happened in Sri Lanka Elsewhere .Unfortunately US is in no position to take them on so by 2025 China will replace US on land and the sea .

  16. Godfrey tends to exaggerate for effect. Our media doesn't explain the background to Ukraine and is pro Ukraine biased but there are very few Ukraine flags around now and energy prices are high because of self harming sanctions and profiteering. The worst thing in the UK is Westminster, how can you have 650 MPs with none arguing against the UK's part in this debacle

  17. Weeks ago Macgregor, weeks ago, I remind you, you said " Ukraine is on the brink of extinction". It's absolutely not on the brink of extinction. If it was, it it would be " extinct" now. How about going on youtube, and saying how wrong you got it. It was an outrageous assertion, completely untrue and have the guts to say " I was wrong"; you are a disgrace Macgregor.

  18. Do you really think that Campbell-Bannerman got the Boers to fight for the British Empire because he used the words "methods of barbarism" in a speech referencing the concentration camps? It seems you have a low regard of the Boer's character.. to think that a remark that was so widely booed can have the effect you mention.

    Just as you had Loyalists during the American Revolution, we had a great deal of traitors during the Anglo Boer War. If you had lost your war against Britain, and these Loyalists thereafter fought in British Imperial wars, would you also say.. Americans had a change of heart and are now fully onboard the British Empire.

    No sir, there is something like right and wrong. And might can never change that. It only seems so to those without belief.

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