MASSIVE Release From Project Veritas PROVES Facebook is Meddling In The 2020 Election

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  1. I have deleted FB, Twitter and the gram. I reported someone filming the looting and also encouraging looting and crime. FB said it did not violate their terms of service. Deleted my account that night.

  2. You are quite a moron Tim.. You know that republicans are being censored at every level. You know that they have tried to pass bills to do something about it but do not control the congress who passes said bills, Then wonder why more is not being said and done? They are practically handcuffed with their mouth taped and wonder why all while knowing these things? A damn idiot. We have been taken over from within, the majority of our government are all for a cultural Marxist revolution and you will be one of the first to be lined up on that wall unfortunately Tim. The only thing left to fight back is either a military coup to regain control of the system, or a civil war of which will destroy the nation anyways. without either of those things, you might as well start planning on the next nation to move to.

  3. These are NOT private companies!!! They work directly with the government………I believe they call that corporatocrasty. All these social media sites are helping to steal your information categorize you and create a social credit score. Before Facebook came out, DARPA had been working on something they called lifelog……. Facebook was just a little bit smoother.

  4. None of this is a secret, there is a while documentary about google and Facebook trying to swing elections. Its called the creepy line, and I would recommend watching it.

  5. Saying that nobody is trying to do anything about it is false, the problem is that those who try to counter it are going through the legal process and we all know how fast that is….

  6. Tim, the only way this is going to end is with violence, unfortunately we are going to war in this country, and it ain't going to be nice. These people will not quit until there is war. My advise is buy ammo and supplies and hunker down

  7. I like listening to you Chris but today you’re very negative! Have Faith!! God’s going to Surprise you!! ☦️???????

  8. Trump will win because we are being censored from posting our opinions….
    Silent majority doesn't take it lying down, and only comes out at the proper time

  9. So if everyone watching this video really wants a change don't vote democrat or republican just vote libertarian. Jo Jorgenson is a highly educated woman who has never been involved in any kind of scandal. She also stands for our constitutional rights. This election I'm not voting bloods or crips lol

  10. Republican politicians don't really seem to be there to fight. Often times they are there just to give the impression there's someone fighting against Democrats.

  11. Tim, myself and everyone I know is going to pull that lever for a Republican. People are waking up to this Marxist shit. We want to say ONE HELL of a statement in November. I myself would vote even if I was sick as a dog. The Democrats and The Left have GOT to be told off, and we're planning to do so. I am MUCH more optimistic than you about this, because through all of their dirty tricks, The Left has let their mask slip. The problem becomes what we would do if they succeed in stealing the election. When you can't vote with the ballot, you vote with the bullet. McKinley, Lincoln, and Kennedy learned that the hard way. I can see Biden and his VP being added to that list if the time comes.

  12. I'm curious why YouTube is broadcasting your channel so hard to me. Every video you put out I get a recommend notification. I've never even searched your channel or watched a single one of your videos, yet without fail every time you upload I get a notification. Is it because you're a center left, milquetoast commentator? Is it because they are banning any long form right wing speech and trying to funnel me into hopelessly blue pilled Tim Pool videos like this one? No offense, and don't take this the wrong way, but being the eternal fence sitter is 2014 tier.

    I've never received recommendations to your channel. Ever. And suddenly in the last week I get them without fail. What's up with that?

  13. This is why Tim says the only way to stop the left's downward spiral is to vote the Republicans back into a super majority. Without that, there's no power to reform the left's corruption through legislative means, and they work nonstop to undermine the president's every executive move.

  14. ANTIFA/BLM terrorists in mobs are not people anymore. They are a subspecies and must slaughtered accordingly. Use everything available to defend yourself and burry them and their families. #Cattle

  15. The left complains about Russian interference and poll blocking, the right about china and cheating, when the biggest voteing interface and manipulation comes from the big tech leftist. We need to call this what it is, "Political Terrorism." These People insite violence, mayhem aand destroy regular peoples life's all while controling the narrative.

  16. I hate to say this but I think it is as true as truth can be. We need reeducation camps. The left have taken over all the public education in the world it seems. It's time to teach facts, history, and common sense values.

  17. It's insane to me that Tim somehow seems to still want to support the left. Has he STILL not studied ANY history? The left, defined as totalitarian collectivism, has been responsible for every large scale genocide and suppression of human rights known to man. Obama? Seriously? The most corrupt, coup orchestrating president in the history of the country? Tim, give your dam head a shake and wake TF up!

  18. The republicans can’t use the doj against facebooks and other social media sites because they’ll be alerted to the investigation and cover it all up.

  19. Conservative political voices are almost all removed from Googletube except Crowder who gets millions of views and is defunded because he has a full time lawyer and doesnt let them force him off. Look at the list of conservatives thrown off youtube tweeter and Facebook. Remember when Cuckleburg met with Hillary during her election for a long long time? He is one of their weapons to squelch American Constitutional Conservative Voices. Crowder doesn't break the rules but they have tried to Ban him numerous times. MAKE THE INTERNET FREE AGAIN! ELECT REPUBS!

  20. Show me a community where everyone is polite, never says a bad word and never has an impure thought and I will show you a well with drugs in the water. Facebook only wants to cultivate an environment where everyone shares the same brain cell and never has an independent thought. …They also believe in unicorns and bigfoot.

  21. You say the far left was panicking when Andy was beaten, but most of them i seen were either laughing at him, or saying he deserved it because he went there to stir up 'hate'. So for one not a good example, and two, are you asking people to risk getting their heads kicked in to 'stand up' for freespeech when we know, that once again we will always be the bad guys by way of the media narrative?