Matt Damon REVEALS Why Movies Suck Today | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give their thoughts on Matt Damon’s explanation for why movies today are worse than they used to be

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  1. I don't agree. Movies used to take you somewhere and tell a compelling story. I'm not against the "woke" agenda, as long as it's reasonable. Some of the best movies touched on very human topics. Blue Velvet, Hotel Rawanda, etc. I have nothing against movies that touch on these subjects respectfully. The problem with movies today is their goal is to force feed you all the agenda's in one movie, they never let up, and the agenda isn't part of the plot or storyline in any significant way. I don't recall the movie I recently watched. Two female friends. One friend is white, one is Hispanic (box checked). One of the friends is gay (box checked). Her gay lover is a black girl (box checked). The male character is every bad stereotype of a young male (box checked).
    A movie can take you into uncomfortable territory and most can accept it. But when you're watching a movie and you keep keying off on the "box checking" you don't get sucked into it. You just start looking for the box checking. Like when someone points out someone says um all the time. Next thing you know you have no idea what they are saying because you're fixated on the um's.

  2. It starts with the script. And if it's not well-written, it doesn't matter WHO is in the movie.

    H'wood's been risk-averse for decades now, since they were taken over by major corporations. That's why almost all movies are from pre-established IP.

  3. Movies suck because the producers are focused on political propaganda…making sure the woke agenda is addressed …make sure we have blacks midgets women gays handicapped and Hispanics all included….stupid!!!

  4. Hollywood writers aren't as literate as they once were–another failing of our universities. The academic left teaches presentism, i.e., the idea that they stand in smug judgment of all of Western history and nothing it has produced is worthwhile. A classic education in English, Philosophy, etc. is a valuable resource to draw inspiration from and yet they hold it in contempt. I just rewatched Amadeus and thought Hollywood no longer has the desire nor the capacity to make movies like that anymore.

  5. Haven't watched Breaking Points in a while.. Does Krystal still think it's still okay to vaccinate children? lol To be specific I mean the covid-19 plandemic vaccine, not the other ones.

  6. Less and less Kids (teens) watch movies these days. They're into YouTube shorts/ tiktok etc…. and the attention span is dropping.
    Thats the tragedy. The audience is fading away. New gen not interested in taking risk in committing to a 2hr movie. To challenge their emotions thoughts and ideas. They want something familiar with a fast food vibe. Its the same thing but slightly different. Sad reality of where we're heading.

  7. I am really shocked that Saagar is unfamiliar with Hot Ones….seems like it'd be right up his alley! Sean Evans–and his research staff–is the BEST out there!

  8. How did "Joker" make a billion? People don't care as much about dueling over a romance. So some small films surprise, some are just not of interest to people. Pink Floyd is AWESOME Sagaar!

  9. Cinema is a different art form than direct to tv. You’re not getting the same experience at home as you are in the theatre. A great cinematic experience envelops you in its world. If you haven’t seen 2001, Lawerence Arabia, Interstellar, Strangers On A Train, Barry Lyndon, Heat, & on & on, on a large screen you haven’t truly seen them. That’s why I recommend going to see rerelease screenings in theaters. Regarding series, a movie is shorter with more money put into each frame so a series can’t reach visual heights as cinema & thus emphasizes dialogue and character while many great films(2001 or Dunkirk for example) tell the story mostly visually. Many great films do both with a few arresting scenes enveloping you(heist in Heat for example) but even the lesser visual scenes have more money & work out into a shot due to aforementioned cost per frame. Streaming movies suffer not only from lack of screen size but I’d guess stakes as well: A piece of work that asks its audience to leave home to go see it has more pressure to make that work worth its audience’s while; I’ve never seen a great streaming movie on the par with Lawerence Of Arabia, Blue Velvet, Taxi Driver, Chinatown, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or A Room With A View & & I think that’s partially the reason. The problems started with conglomerations buying up studious turning film into product due to the creation of the blockbuster in the 70’s with Spielberg & Lucas & has only worsened with technology demoralizing it to the depressed state of “content” to be ignored on your iPhone while one multitasks. One last whine: outside of a few holdouts like Tarantino, Nolan, & PTA actual film is dead having been replaced by its far shinier “improvement”, digital, which looks like shit in comparison. Things being razor clear doesn’t make it better. In its highest state cinema is a cultural dream, seeing every pore on on an extras nose doesn’t improve that dream it lessens its escapism. Whew, now that I got that useless rant off my chest back to mom’s basement to torture my cousin’s cat

  10. I'd argue that A24 consistently takes risks on movies. Everything Everywhere all at Once, Uncut Gems, Hereditary, Midsommer, Swiss army man, The Green Knight, etc.

  11. I think MD answer was a little BS. They sell Digitial copies of movie’s for the same price, they have to making money on that, and cost savings from maintaining a server vs physical copies has to help as well.

  12. But at the same time studios will produce movies that seem almost designed to piss off their fan base. Just look at the recent Star Wars movies and other super hero ones that shove a relentless PC message down an unappreciative throat. Most of these movies not surprisingly do badly…but Hollywood continues to make them regardless.

  13. I wonder how much of it is that people in their 20s and 30s no longer go on movie dates, because that's what something like last duel would have really been big for in the 90s.

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