Matt Gaetz and the Dangers of Prosecutorial Leaks for Everyone

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It’s been 8 months since the NYT claimed the DOJ was investigating “whether” Gaetz committed crimes. He’s still not been charged with anything, and thus has no chance to contest the innuendo, yet millions believe he’s guilty. That why prosecutorial leaks are so abusive.

If there’s evidence of Matt Gaetz’s guilt, then charge him with crimes, accord him the due process guaranteed by the Constitution, and send him to prison if a jury of his peers finds him guilty. The day may come when that happens. But thus far, the only apparent criminality is by prosecutors who seemed to have leaked this investigation.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Mr. Greenwald makes a good case that language can be so twisted and convoluted that no journalist, on either side, can be trusted. A denial by Representative Gaetz is just as unimpeachable as a denial by former President Clinton, Senator Edwards, et al. These rants are beginning to get tiresome. From personal experience – Federal Investigations move at a glacial pace. Look for things to come to a boil around Rep. Gaetz around his re-election campaign.

  2. The left went on for months about this fake NEWS!! Doesn't anyone on the left ever get tired of being lied too? Years of russiagate hoax, members of Congress lying to the public? Schiff lied for 4 years!! WTF

  3. How I wish you would look into Israeli former PM Netanyahu's indictment. The left is sure he's corrupt while the right calls foul, prosecutorial misconduct (leaks and all)

  4. Excellent report again – YES – we're watching someone under severe attack. He needs to keep on strong, weather this thing and win. It'll go the way of the Russia collusion. This world is insane!!!

  5. 🏴✊🏽Regarding xicanx & latinx: The X is out of respect for people who don’t traffic the colonialist metanarratives of gender and the binary structure of Spanish, so if they don’t like it, that’s too bad because they’re acting like a bigot! Millions of people all over the world who are indigenous are deeply disrespected by those who mock this identity that is as valid as any other. The conquistadors justified so much slaughter because they observed the Indians/indigenous people to not have the same binary gender characteristics nor the same so-called heterosexuality so they slaughtered them and indigenous people haven’t forgotten this!
    If indigenous people didn’t have same binary gender metanarrative that the colonizers had, it did not entitle the colonizer to slaughter them for it and then mock their identity that’s just trying to shed the linguistic colonization with the binary of Spanish. Colonialism is so evil and if you don’t point out where it is the structure we are doomed!😭

  6. Remember when the "Left " was laughing at the "Right" for being found less informed than people who watch no news?! Laughing that FOX had turned their viewers into dumbed down, reactionary, fanatics? Then shortly thereafter MSNBC head, Phil Graham or Griffin I think is his name, said out loud that they were going to turn MSNBC into a FOX like station. He didn't mean they were going to be reporting on the same side of issues. But using the same tactics as FOX to turn the "Left" into fanatical, over reactionary, dumbed down, complete loyalist of the Democratic Party. And they accomplished that. The Left is now just as ignorant, over emotional, easily triggered, obnoxious, cult like idiots. Agreeing with every anti American, illegal and unconstitutional act their Party is pushing. Actually cheerleading CENSORSHIP, FORCED VAXXING, DISCRIMINATION, WAR, attacking anyone that goes against the Party narratives. Supporting everything the Democratic Party Establishment is doing. Without question. Automatically defending all the horrific shit they do as long a there's a D behind the name. They have become more loyal to a Political party than to their religion, their spouse. Turning Americans into STOCKHOLM SYNDROME victims.
    And they continue to listen and follow the MSM that aligns with their party. Even AFTER Obama repealed the SMITH-MUNDT ACT of 1948, allowing all of our media to use psychological operations, propaganda, covert disinformation campaigns and lies on the American people! Being subjected to daily, 24/7 brainwashing and indoctrination. The media was bad enough prior to this repeal. But afterwards?? Every person in the United States should have turned off, stop reading, stop listening to the MSM and most of Social Media, now having been co-opted.
    IMO everything we're witnessing, the behaviors of both so called Left and Right, are the result of these psychological operations and Propaganda. I do wish someone with Glenn's ethical values would do a deep dive on the results of our Gov't and both political parties using psyops and propaganda and covert disinformation campaigns on us.
    I've never seen such a change in people's behavior in my life. And I'm old.
    Just remember that Psychological Operations are the area of expertise of our Intel Agencies. They have destroyed, overthrown entire nations using these Weapons. And that is exactly what they are classified as, WEAPONS. And why it was ILLEGAL to use in America on Americans. Until Obama gave them the green light.

  7. Very good points.. it is becoming increasingly clear as these types of attacks continue without prosecution that these are politically motivated spins by MSM. These are the wheels of tyrants turning these allegations! Oligarchal!!

  8. I'm no fan of trump, matt gaetz, or any other politician, but that doesn't prevent me from finding the NYT guilty of TDS. This is further evidence that Legacy Establishment Media has become the propaganda arm of the Predator Donor Class.

    If they divide us we are conquered.

  9. Glenn asks us to put aside what we feel about Gaetz and his political ideology, to try and imagine being in his shoes. That is a very reasonable thing to ask of the type of audience that Glenn attracts. Unfortunately, according to the Rule of Woke, Gaetz's ideology is all that needs to be considered.

  10. A clear abuse of power, but I wonder if perpetrated by just 'one' prosecutor who leaked the story to a journalist, or not. Why has the DOJ added two additional "top" prosecutors to something that would normally be handled simply by a county court, e.g., bring the accuser in to testify and let the jury decide? I'm suspicious that the entire DOJ is morphing into part of the what will be our Stasi.

  11. "If you can keep your head, when all around you loose it"…Glen thank you for being a man in times when it's not easy. In a nation full of junk food news, your work is nutrition for those hungry for truth and willing to swallow weather or not it seems tasty.

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