Matt Gaetz Successfully Enters Hunter Biden Laptop Evidence Into Congressional Record

Guest: John Mattingly
@SGTMattingly (everywhere)
Author, “12 Seconds in the Dark: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Account of the Breonna Taylor Raid”,

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  1. Nah, I'm Jaded. Until they legalize pot, I'm considering a criminal unable to work here, in my native nation, unable to freely express myself and unable to serve it. I've not much to loose but my life, but if im just going to be tourtured by this system in exhcange for their world veiw, for their happiness, I will smile extra wide, joker style, as it all crumbles and burns. The least this fucking goverment could do is tackle all these fucking scam calls from india, i sent an email to the biden whitehouse and the trump whitehouse on day fucking one, its not gotten better, just like the border.

  2. Freedom of speech is not freedom of propaganda
    If u r knowingly pushing lies, and it can be proven, not only should I get sued and lose your “journalistic “ job , u should get jail time
    Enough is enough
    These fake news stations should have in big bold letters , “OPINION”
    and they can’t try n sell it as truth , then u lose that freedom of speech
    Bc we have slander , defamation , liable, but nobody ever seems to use it against these constant evil smears

  3. Romney was right. Obama was (and is) wrong. The corporate media has been infected with social Marxist ideology which is destructive to objective truth. It’s in the media, the HR departments, corporate boardrooms, public schools, colleges and every level of government.

    It’s not a conspiracy when they’ve all been taught to react the same way to other inputs because their brains have been dumbed down for higher level thinking.

  4. i've said it before, and i agree to some degree with their analogy about people not caring until its personal, but there is a huge opportunity for a new news channel that focuses only on proven facts and no opinions. nothing gets published until its documented proven, along with the use large scale graphs with time lines and who said/did what with the videos and documents. many people are tuning out because of the endless guessing, arguing and taking sides.

  5. "most people don't do something unless it happens to them". I keep telling people close to me that it has happened to them and we should do something and they tell me we can't change the system like we didn't vote for these people or we're conned in to voting for them?

  6. Have you seen the interview with Jack Maxey? He said they resurrected 125,000 more deleted emails and 25,000 more pictures! And it's bad. He looked pretty pissed and disgusted.

  7. Old Joe's getting ready to be put out to pasture, that way the Dems can vote in the next VP,before the primaries. Who will then be the presidential candidate in 2024, because Kamala won't be running for "personal" reasons

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