Matt Hancock might want us to forget, but I wont.

I won’t forget the last two years of the pandemic

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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. Working on the front line in a hospital during this period I can attest to the fact that many of us found the clapping embarrassing. Our hospital was like a morgue, not because we were full of dead people but because there were hardly patients there. The massive influx never really appeared and those who were ill were largely those who were terminally ill, extremely frail or metabolically very unwell; in other words, those who are always effected by seasonal illnesses. I was constantly reprimanded for removing my mask to talk to the elderly, the dying and the frightened. The NHS became a national disgrace and the source of much unhappiness. I didn't ever contract sars-cov2 while on the isolation ward or anywhere else in the hospital, interesting as I had people apparently breathing their covid filled breath on me when I gave them an illicit hug. What sort of country have we become?

  2. This was all because they only took the view of a few government scientists rather than a much larger group of experts and it was very clear after about a month this wasn't what they originally thought.

  3. Every time i see M cock i think of Tommy Lee Jones in the MIB film, He points at the Alien guy behind the shop counter and said ,I couldnt Forget That. He is just one of a large bunch of leeches who bled the country dry of compassion and money.

  4. Sorry I'm a little late to the debate, I was a key worker. I did know people who died during that pandemic, but what I noticed was our human rights were taken away from us and the NHS in a utter mess, and greedy politicians filling their pockets and still doing it.

  5. Never – nor sadly the mass hypnosis effect that remain with many who still believe they were/are intelligent and think this was all perfectly right and okay, regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

  6. Time is, long now, ripe to realize that an orchestrated attempt to subdue humanity's combined initiative took place, and remains in effect.
    Mere not-forgetting unfortunately constitutes a luxury. We will have to deal with this serious galloping matter, as we speak, regardless of age, occupation, or political creed. All the "unforgettable" individuals mentioned, have been successfully sold to some inside-circle benefits or, worse yet, "ideals", that directly segue the ones that brought us here, briefly, power concentration ideals, economic, scientific, political etc.

  7. If it happened again the same sheep would still quiver in their boots and run for the jabs
    "When the whole world is running towards a cliff, ____he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind,"
    C. S. Lewis

  8. I would like to know what the surgeons and consultants were doing while the public were banned from hospitals because it’s dead cert they weren’t attending to people with the Chinese flu and the coppers were no better than the Stasi and loving it

  9. They try to cover up the rise in deaths and heart attacks by saying it is the stress of hearing rumors about the vaccines started by "conspiracy theorists". I can tell you it is much more stressful being unvaccinated, the only person in the store not wearing a mask, feeling like you are being stalked by a serial killer who is slowly backing you into a corner with mandates, threats of your livelyhood, etc etc, than to just roll up your sleeve. Why aren't we the ones dying from stress related heart attacks ?

  10. Well put , those ventilators actually killed ppl , a friend of mine caught the virus & was put into isolation with three others , one by one they was turned over onto their front & one by one they died , then it was my friends turn but he wasn’t having any of it , he literally had to fight them off whilst he was ill to stop them from trying to kill him too

  11. I won’t forget, and I will never vote Tory, Labour or LibDem again, I will never watch MSM again, I will never trust our police, legal system or our public health officials again.

  12. We better wake up to what this guy is saying or you'll have to look deep into the eyes of you're grandchildren and explain why you aloud the world economic forum to grab power and control them in the way that our grandparents protected us from Tierney

  13. It was clear from the start that old people, the majority of whom have comorbidities (this includes me) and people who were already ill, were the only people at risk of dying 'with' covid. I clearly remember Italy reporting that it was nearly all old people or people who were already ill, who were dying. That was before it even reached UK. Once it had reached the UK it very quickly became obvious as well. I remember on the ONS statistics site you could find out the age range of the people who had died 'with' covid. It was incredibly obvious that the majority of people were over 70. Why did NO ONE point this out the the government? This is why Sweden, who did not lock down, had the same mortality figures as any of the countries which locked down. My Swedish friends used to punish me by sending photos of them all in the pub (the swines)!

  14. I won't forget that it was due to the masses actually complying in the first place to that outrageous demand of the PM saying 'You must stay home' that the elites were then emboldened to incrementally impose even more draconian restrictions on the population leading us to where we are now, and to what's soon to come – if the people don't clue in soon and say 'NO MORE and NEVER AGAIN'.

  15. I never followed a single word of the guidance. I knew from the very start that it was more about control than safety. It should never happen again but I think the danger is that it probably will because people don’t want to stand out from the crowd.

  16. Reading the telegraph today. He knew a 2nd lockdown was coming, but was out at an Indian with his family when a journalist contacted him as the oncoming lockdown had been leaked to the media. If it was that deadly and he knew another lockdown was coming. Why would he risk his families lives?

  17. This whole video was so good but so sad this was our reality 😢😢 great job on how you talked about everything. Made me want to cry. I’ll never forget how it changed my nanas life and that she gave up driving and going out because of being scared to go out and lost her independence

  18. And now there's an egg shortage. Nothing to do with bird-flu, it's because they're all strewn across the faces of those who guilt-tripped their 'loved' ones into 'protecting others'…

  19. It annoys me that the MSM steer the narrative towards Hancock wanting forgiveness for his affair. I couldn't give a toss about that! That is the least of Midazolam Matt's crimes.

  20. They tel us that fertiliser is bad for us but big farma put al the bad things in our food , big farma find a new nonsens they went to sell to us, stand up and defend yourself. I wonder if Johnson have ever covid. Frech air and sunshine is the cure.!

  21. **Many of my friends and Wife's family thought I "was stupid" to question, they accused me of wearing a 'tin foil hat". I just stopped debating to avoid tension. Some have now softened their view independently (thankfully) but I have yet to receive an apology for the things that were said and the names called. Unfortunately; I don't think I will ever forget that. May you be well x

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