Matt Taibbi: American Press Puts SOVIET Propaganda To Shame

Founder of TK News and host of the Useful Idiots podcast, Matt Taibbi, discusses the media’s coverage of Donald Trump and the repercussions of it today.

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  1. Trust what, some idiots opinion or theory, non existent anonymous sources, the truth according to their fact checkers, some supposed conspiracy….. the truth will set you free! you just won't find it on the main stream news.

  2. So Taibbi (along with Saagar and Krystal,) is claiming that news and media outlets that focus on maximizing their ratings engage in spreading misinformation and “propaganda” as a means of generating greater advertising revenue. That seems to be a fair assessment.

  3. The media was not factual, they lied repeatedly prior to Trump they just weren't blatant so liberals who were being told what they wanted to hear never questioned they might be dishonest. Look at how they lied about Trayvon Martin for example. There's a reason why they were going to make a movie about him and after stuff got found out that movie disappeared.

  4. For of wow to bad are day wasn't 48 hrs long bc there's so much truth coming in that 24 hrs just isn't enough time in the day to hear it all ty my beautiful spirit sister n beautiful spirit brother's for telling me just what of I want to hear ya love all ??❤

  5. I feel like this is the 10th time I've seen this piece just with a different date. I think Taibi is great, but its a rehash. CNN ratings down, people hate/love Trump, people dont trust media, leftist media lies. Not exactly ground greaking.

  6. I feel like there's a war on intelligent people if I watch CNN MSNBC and some of Fox to find out 90% of those stories they made up over Trump makes me sick I wasn't the biggest Trump supporter but it almost made me support him more when he was the underdog and the media made him the underdog and that's why people are going to root for him it's just human nature and it's scary when people trust Donald Trump over our politicians

  7. you wouldnt have a problem if the press was partisan as long as they told the truth so explain to me how that can work when they are partisan …listen to what you just said Krystal

  8. The stupidest thing about this is the scorched earth politics is dividing the country and the media is losing credibility and it is throgh decisions of the leaders of the USA that it is happening. If China or Russia wanted to destabilize the United States, this is what they would do. These people are weakening the USA and soon someone will make a move to capitalize on our weakness.

  9. Sigh. Stop giving it power. It's main stream because we keep saying it is. None of these entities have any mainstream influence based on how many ppl actually watch or subscribe to them. I would argue, there are as many ppl if not more, who watch a third party media site discussing an article from the NYT or a fox news segment then actually read that article or segment.

  10. Covid lockdown was supposed to replace Russiagate but it's a dull story. Don't worry about the News/Entertainment Industry, though, because several countries are currently being evaluated for invasion, with battles timed to meet the needs of the news cycle.

  11. The media has been a massive propaganda outlet for many years. It ramped up some to have a more massive division within society, but the American Press has put the Soviet Propaganda machine to shame for years.

  12. One must wonder why Trump was viewed as such a threat by the establishment (not just media). One may infer that the establishment is more organized that casual observation would indicate and that there are members and non-members of the club, with the members able to recognize each other from non-members and with members under some kind of obligation to put their mutual interests over the public interest or the obligations of citizenship felt by average Americans.

    Against that backdrop, one may also infer that, once Trump became president, he declined an invitation to become a member of the insider's club and that it was his unwillingness to join that led members of the club to monopolize Washington media to cast aside the mask of objectivity and show themselves as being the propagandists they had been all along. It may be that the price of admission to the insider's club was higher than it would otherwise have been because of insulting comments he had made against John McCain, Mitt Romney, and the Bushes.

    Personally, I felt a certain degree of satisfaction in seeing the mask of the Washington establishment slip the way it did in response to Trump, in a manner that cost the media and the higher echelons of government so much credibility. As a young man working in journalism in Washington in the 1980s, I remember my editor telling me that I had "too much ego" (undoubtedly true) and that I had to become "two people." Call it a gut feeling, but I turned in my resignation the next day, even though I continued to hold him in high regard, even though I had decided I couldn't work there. After following somewhat of a rocky road, I found myself working as a government lawyer in the 1990s, at which time, I remember, I was called into the office of the official to whom I reported, where he was sitting with his deputy and was holding his fist in his lap with the middle finger pointing up. He called attention to this had posture after I failed to react, and I told him that I was doing my best to ignore it. I waited longer to leave that job, but every story I'd ever heard about Lyndon Johnson made sense to me after that experience. Oddly, I was aware of a personal connection between the editor and the official of which most people would not have been aware, and, as a result, these incidents are connected (at least subjectively) from my point of view. They are examples of a system which is broken at best.

  13. So just gonna not mention the entire Obama presidency and the level of asskissing and tongue bathing, worship and cover the media provided, which Krystal and taibi were a part of? Smooth.

  14. Hold it right there Krystal…you said that you have no issue with the press being partisan as long as they were telling the truth. Don't you get it, the press should not have a side, they should just state the facts. This is the problem we have today, the news should not be the opinion of those presenting it, it should just be the facts of what happened or was said. As soon as a news reporter provides an opinion, it just further polarizes, and strengthens the distrust of the public.

  15. SO YEAH imagine media had gone after Nixon because he used racial epithets; not because he bombed Cambodia & Laos in secret for a year

    Or gone after after LBJ because he lifted his Beagle hounds by the ears, rather than because he told Cronkite he thought Dallas involved conspiracy but let it go unsolved. And said so6 years later (same year DPD Chief Curry also said it) in 1969, after he'd left office – which itself was mysterious, when you listen back to his phrasing.

  16. The news media was wrong 99.999% of the time on Trump…from Russiagate to the election 99.999% of reporting was based on emotions backed by imaginary high-level anonymous sources.

  17. So if the existential reason for a company is to increase "the bottom line" (ala Milton Friedman) then all of the Corporate media, at the urging of their advertisers (mainly pharmaceuticals), will strive with all of their might to get the most polarizing figure elected as the next president.

  18. We need to separate government from hollywood, and from corporate companies. In other words we need to remove the 1% from our government.

  19. I like you channel as it covers Capitalism objectively; but surprised to hear comparisons between Soviet News and USA lies called "news". Soviet News showed the TRUTH about Capitalism; while USA is nothing but the lies

  20. In 2011 (I think), MSNBC officially rebranded as a left-wing information channel, changing their slogan to "Lean Forward". Soon after, CNN changed their slogan to Moving Truth Forward, or something like that. There wasn't much change: they previously supported Obama, and they supported Obama afterward. But really, coverage included unconditional support for any foreign intervention. And the uncritical dismissal of any scandal of Obama's.

  21. Funny thing is that "Soviet propaganda bad" is also just a part of much larger USA propaganda. I challenge you to find Soviet movies where they portray USA negatively like Hollywood did to USSR. Find me Soviet version of Manchurian Candidate. Find me an example where KGB changed even cartoons like how CIA changed Animal Farm ending.