Matt Taibbi Calls FOR THIRD PARTY To End Forever Wars

Krystal and Saagar are joined by Matt Taibbi to discuss reigning in the Pentagon and whether either of the two parties are capable of doing so

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  1. Dummies. Trump is our third party. He was ending forever wars and getting our country back on track. Thats why the establishment ganged up on him.

    They lied and lied, and finally they had to cheat. Sleepy Joe (the Manchurian candidate) did not get 81 million votes.

  2. How about requiring every adult of voting age to pay in $5 to a central campaign fund? That fund can be split equally between the candidates. No other contributions allowed. What's wrong with that?

  3. Exchange Iraq for Ivermectin or any other drug proven useful against covid. Google Joe Rogan and then DuckDuckGo Joe Rogan and tell me the response you got. There is your bias.

  4. Matt is the man – a journalist calling out the corrupt government and the military industrial complex – I hope he goes on a crusade with this message and gains disciples – this country is already on its last legs

  5. Krystal and Kyle, do you really think you're going to change the Democratic party as long as it's run by the Clintons and the billionaires. How many times do you have to see Bernie Sanders get thrown under the bus he legally I might add. THEY WILL NOT LET ANY NON-BOOT LIQUORS IN END OF CONVERSATION . They will fix the election and do whatever it takes to make sure an outsider does not get in!!! PLEASE WAKE UP YOU'RE LIVING IN A FANTASY!! .

  6. Yes Yes Yes! I’ve wanted a third party a long time. A party of no conflict of interest, term limits, they have same retirement plan as US citizens, social security, etc. I’m 60 and Id vote for this person.

  7. Great takes! If we had a third party and the Dems didn't have absolute full control like they do right now, people would be getting evicted, we wouldn't have got the $15 min wage, rent/mortgage relief during covid, student debt relief, cannabis decriminalization… Oh wait.

    Well at least there is the public option! …hold on a second…

    They have absolute power and this is the horse they want to ride.

  8. The Dems use Bernie to give the illusion of a third party and democracy at work. Nothing can be further from the truth; Bernie is a (pardon the pun Matt) useful idiot and the Establishment Uniparty is stronger and more rotten than ever before.

  9. Pursuing a third party has been tried for decades. It has produced little results. Running inside the Democratic Party however, has shifted the party massively to the left. To the point where Obama looks like a conservative on fiscal policy in comparison.

  10. "The United States needs a permanent war economy." – Charles Wilson, General Motors CEO, 1945

    "In strict confidence, I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one. I intend to be most conservative, but in the interests of the corporations themselves and above all in the interests of the country." -Theodore Roosevelt wrote to a friend in 1897. At one time or another, Roosevelt had advocated war with Chile, Britain, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

  11. How is it that Ralph Nader never comes up in these dialogues daring to consider a 3rd party?
    If He or Jill Stein had been allowed on their national debates then maybe voters would have known there were running for president and, perhaps, the whole world would be better off now.

  12. The Dems and the Repubs are working together to place legislation to make it difficult to create, market and get funds for a third party. There will be social media algorithms to limit exposure of a third party, and, of course, the mainstream Media will not carry stories on a third party. It will be a tough battle.

  13. I say this respectfully, but Trump didn't start any new wars and was engaged in an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Seems to me we just need candidates like Trump who will do what they say.

  14. Why don't we just treat the Democrat/Communists like the criminal organization that they are and start prosecute them . They keep doing this shit because they get away with it .

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