Matt Taibbi: Dems’ Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump. Youngkin Win PROVED Parents Want A Say

Matt Taibbi makes the case that if Democrats don’t change their tune on parental influence in school curriculum, they’re doomed in 2022.

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  1. Dems don't give Hispanic parents ANY credit. Hispanic parents are aware enough to know that it's not ONLY a B&W issue….it's whites being portrayed as oppressors to ALL other races. They don't want to raise their kids that way.

  2. Put very simply, we need to move away from these binary ways of thinking and solving problems. There is ALWAYS nuance in every situation, and we need to have those conversations, with respect foe each other and our perspectives. Thanks for bringing this issue to the table, love the work you're all doing here!

  3. The trouble with Matt is that he assumes immigrants cannot be ignorant and elitist. However, he is correct that the school board should have had more open communication with the parents to bypass the propaganda nonsense.

  4. I don’t understand how the curriculum of our schools is to be blamed on one particular political party. If there’s a problem with what is and what isn’t being taught,shouldn’t that be addressed to school boards and/or superintendents?

  5. I remember not long ago when Kim Iverson was calling the California recall "Hillary 2.0", and predicting Californians were angry at Newsom and were going to vote for Larry Elder instead. This really feels a lot more like advocacy than journalism.

  6. Matt Tiabi is an idiot. There is no racism in India based on Skin. And people who moved from India to US are not the oppressed one instead they are rich, influential and people with higher education. They are the elites not one who are India.
    We don't share border with USA, so only legal immigrants move to US. And most of them are through green cards and H1N1 Visa and High Net worth Individuals.

    Such a black and white analysis.

  7. The thing that doesn't make sense is people who say "I don't like republican policies" but then say they prefer to live in places where those policies prevail. So, such people like the societies "republican policies" create but don't like those "republican policies" that produced that society they prefer. As if those societies that are preferred are just some random happenstance having nothing to do with those "republican policies". Also, they never seem to ever say what "republican policies" they don't like and why they don't like them and why they think they are bad, it's always just the vague and indefinite "republican policies".

    It just comes across as desperate equivocation. "I like those societies over there, but, oh, no, no, I would never align with 'the bad people' over there…that produced that better society."

    Except that doing that would actually go a lot farther to getting the democrats to at least moderate their positions. It's not enough to just say, "I don't like what you're doing." But you also need to say, "see those people over there? I like that they ARE DOING X, Y, and Z and I like it because it makes things better." It's like breaking up with someone. If you just beak up, they will think they can get you back and they don't really have to change anything. But if you start dating someone else, suddenly they have to start asking themselves what the new person has that they don't. So if you say you actually like the conservatives and what they got going on (not the the institutional corruptocrat uniparty republicans), that will force the democrats to engage in some self-reflection…well, maybe. It will also, importantly, put it back in their faces that name calling and vilifying others isn't working.

  8. Simple truth: bring back Trump and some may give you a war. Might want to think of a different nutjob leader to support. This idiot double quoted the teaching of a well known historical fact of American slavery. Really?

  9. Matt said it best: Loudon County wanted a change because the School board was too slow to react to Children/Parent needs. Whatever Cable News spin was on the story is irrelevant.

  10. The reality is that not everyone is thinking the same. Real history needs to be taught. Children are not responsible for history.
    The value of education in the United States is not the best. None of our children have attended a public school in over 12 years.

  11. Charging racism is decades-old tactic of Dem Party, as it's impossible to disprove such a charge. A despicable tactic, as its goal is to create social unrest, and to divert attention away from policies that cause disproportionate harm for black Americans such as lousy education and high crime.

  12. SCOTT ADAMS described the American middle class reaction this way:

    ESTABLISHMENT: We want you to use a different word.
    MIDDLE CLASS: OK, I don't see it's necessary but we'll use a different word.
    ESTABLISHMENT: We want you to pay a bit more taxes.
    MIDDLE CLASS: OK, I don't necessarily like where this is going but we'll pay some more.
    ESTABLISHMENT: We want to control your children, though we acknowledge you as some sort of "stakeholder".
    MIDDLE CLASS: We're done.

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