Matt Taibbi Explains Journalism Gone Wrong: #‘You Should Not Trust Mainstream Media’

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  1. I see many comments about Matt Taibbi. This speech is not about Matt Taibbi. It is about what the vast, vast majority of you reading this prefers as your news diet: political entertainment. Please keep that in mind. Fox News was the first to figure this out in the 90s and, as Taibbi points out in this very clip, since then other cable networks have followed suit. But this system was constructed to serve and survives to cater to the desire of the public – that is YOU. The market is catering to the need, which is in all of you, for partisan political infotainment. When you click off this video and hunker down this evening to ingest, once again, Tucker Carlson, or Anderson Cooper, or Rachel Maddow, or Sean Hannity, please remember that the journalists Taibbi describes in this video are exactly the sort that most of you hunger for and consume every single god damn day. This is called supply (you) meeting demand (partisan journalists). Congrats. And if, by chance, you just so happen to be the exception, don't bother patting yourself on the back with a virtue-signaling comment in rebuke: you remain a drop in the culture- and history-making ocean.

  2. This ‘don’t trust mainstream’ is so tired and so old like going back to when cnn lost its way in 1988.
    Just look at who pays them meeting the ads during breaks. Mainstream is for spacing out while your making breakfast or passing a little time before taking a nap.

  3. A scientific study just a few years back sought to quantify the strengths and deficits of people as professional cohorts according to a common set of metrics. Journalists, it was discovered, score more highly in their capacity for abstract thought. They score lower than average on executive judgment, meaning given a set of narratives, they were worse than average at determining which is the more likely true. What are the incentives that lead to this aggregation? It just is what it is, and if you've learned about your own flaws and accept them and integrate your less-than-ideal self as first-class, then you know human nature. Highly social people, who are also obedient by nature and need more approval and affirmation from peers, are going to choose narratives that flatter themselves and their peers. Have you met humans? lol

  4. You should trust mainstream media on basic facts they report——–5 people died in a hurricane, Russia retreated from Kherson, the UK has a new Prime Minister—-but be skeptical about whether they're telling you all the news, and whether they sometimes hold back news that's negative for their side, like rising crime rates among liberal constituent groups.

  5. Does he talk about the satanic links that exist with his former employer, Rolling Stone magazine? When Hunter S mentions adrenochrome in Fear and Loathing, he got it from satanists in SF, and wrote for them. Years later, so did Matt Taibbi. Don’t pretend he’s a champion of free speech.

  6. Matt Talibi is an excellent journalist. I do take issue with his characterization that narrative journalism started with Fox News. The fact is Fox News filled the void that existed in journalism for the conservative narrative. The liberal Left Wing narrative was the narrative. Otherwise Fox would not have started at almost 50% of the viewing audience. There is no nor has there been an equal use of the term "wing" by the media, even prior to Fox. There has only been "right wing". Thats a perspective. Talibi does fine work but the narrative has always been there.

  7. If you saw the full debate, you would know what a farce it was. The opponents had no argument for trusting media, and thus tried to spend plenty of time dragging the debate into personal rebukes and slanders. Even that was mostly clumsy.

    Matt and his fellow debate supporter practically won the debate before it had even begun – against those who were poor opposition.

  8. Taibbi IS journalism gone wrong. He’s currently lending his reputation to elevate the narrative of the richest man in the world. He also performs fan service for money on OnlyFans…I mean Substack. That’s not fair: Creators on OnlyFans have a transparent business model.

  9. If you discredited him back in the day you like so many others vote based on party and can’t see through the BS. Including myself now that I am older.

  10. There were hundreds of commentators jobs created when Trump came into the spotlight. Their job security depends on how they can pander to their audience. Hatred and divisiveness seems to be the formula. Loyalty to these commentators depends entirely on pandering. This is not journalism.

  11. Everyone on the left and everyone on the right need to absorb what he's saying and realise nothing is without nuance.
    As someone who agrees with points and ideas from both sides,society needs more people in the center.
    I'm not suggesting to give up what you truly believe in,just listen and realise most people want the same things.

  12. you cant be ashamed if you dont believe in god. no moral authority can judge you if there is no god. Taibbi, i dont believe you are ashamed. you are just performing a gig for Musk

  13. Taibbi just tells the truth and reports the facts. The media have caused all the political partisanship in this country. We no longer know what the truth is. When I talk to family members that only watch one news channel most of the time they have no idea what I’m talking about and I have to tell them to google it, as if social media is not biased too. I’m not optimistic, but Elon Musk has given me some hope recently that maybe we can get back to better journalism and report the facts without bias.

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