Matt Taibbi EXPOSES Hubris Of Censoring Dr. Bret Weinstein

Matt Taibbi provides his perspective to Krystal and Saagar on the censorship of Bret Weinstein by big tech companies and the media in general.

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  1. Krystal and Saagar are screaming "get vaccinated! get vaccinated!" yet somehow don't see the connection between the one-sided emphasis on vaccination and censorship of treatments for Covid?? The answer is obvious and it's weird that Breaking Points hosts are dancing around this topic while usually being very sharp about these things. The establishment has to censor actual treatments because the emergency use authorization of the vaccines is based on there not being any treatments for Covid. Accept that treatments exist & work and vaccines go out the window. Not a good situation. And Saagar saying over and over how he does not understand what Dr. Weinstein is saying…really? Dr. Weinstein is very clear if you listen to him. Seems like vaccines have broken a lot of people's brains kinda like Trump did. Sad.

  2. There is no question that Ivermectin works—better than the vaccines AND w/o side effects!
    It has been suppressed, censored and buried. This is corporate regulatory capture writ large and it is CRIMINAL what Bill Gates has done. He is the driving force behind the suppression as he holds stock in all of the major vaccine companies and has stymied RCTs, claiming last winter he was going to start an RCT via the B&MGates Foundation —and NEVER DID! Now Oxford is dragging its feet—Oxford/Astra Zeneca which speaks under the influence of Gates's money!
    So now we have Billy Boy attempting to make a neo-Ivermectin, a 2.0 that can be used to extract further money from human misery and death. Bill Gates is a war criminal–his war for profit against humanity has made him such. He's a monomaniacal, narcissistic geek with a god complex. Prison is too nice a justice for all he's done to us.

  3. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that some social justice warrior with purple hair sitting behind a computer has the ability and gall to silence someone like Brett Weinstein who is an evolutionary biologist PhD… and millions of people are supporting the decision to censor him. I don’t get it. It’s getting to the point now where it’s not even a position that can be defended by anyone with a brain.

  4. What started all the controversy about ivermectin was when trump was talking good about it .so they had to come out an say orange man bad don't believe him it must be bad an these people did the same thing they shut the conversation down to

  5. Let's discuss the potential HARM of Spike Proteins and our current vaccines – how the vaccines consolidate in the overries and bone marrow and how the vaccine tranits the blood-brain barrier.

  6. I'm from India and my friend is a medical student… I asked him and he did say doctors in India are treating COVID 19 with ivermectin as one of the treatment
    People in USA are like frogs living in a well

  7. LOL, we've been using Ivermectin for our horses for 30 years. It's a parasite killer. There's a growing Utube ivermectin following that I've seen. Now, I have yet to check in with our source to see if the price has shot up. Use to be around five bucks a tube which would treat a lot of humans because it's dosed by weight. One tube would treat a 1100 lb. horse. It's a user beware self medication option. Most people would be surprised on the amount of "off label" medication treatment that physicians use on a regular basis.

  8. we have literally reached the point where matt taibbi and glenn greenwald are called whtie supremicist nazis….