Matt Taibbi: Frustrated Parents DROVE Virginia’s Red-SWING, Voters Likely To TURN On Dems In 2022

Author of TK News and co-host of Useful Idiots podcast, Matt Taibbi, gives his take on why Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor failed, and what it means for Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

Glenn Youngkin image courtesy of AP/Andrew Harnik. Terry McAuliffe mage courtesy of AP/Steve Helber

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  1. Continue to be distracted by the CRT narrative, while mandatory vaccines are ready to be injected into our children without our permission. Jobs and freedom are being lost; State-controlled media serves us propaganda daily. In preparation for all out Communism. That is why I'm angry.

  2. 100% school closures were the worst policy decision of the entire pandemic, and it will haunt the democratic party just as it will haunt the lives of the children it deeply harmed. I voted for Obama twice, but I'm voting straight Republican next election.

  3. Tim Kane is still just as CLUELESS why this "bloodbath" happened. Biden's complete historically damaging presidency, zoom classes showing horrified parents what it actually taught in their schools, McAuliffe telling parents they had no INPUT in kids education. That about covers it.

  4. Public education is losing it's way by sacrificing itself on the altar of wokeness. It's one thing to teach black history in February. It's one thing to utilize texts and works by black and minority authors into the curriculum. It's quite another to present the narrative of whiteness being the problem, couching it under the thin veil of 'diversity and inclusion', and then call it 'social studies'.

  5. Ryan Grim has to accuse a parents association of becoming politicized. This guy will never get it. The socialist progressives politicized and radicalized the school boards. Wake up Grim.

  6. Instituting "people of color" as exclusive "hall monitors" to go around "snitching" on anything they hear they don't like…..yeah…that's going to end well.
    As a Va. mom, and frequently blue voter, yes the DNC has become the elitist punching down on others telling them how to think (black people and minorities included). If they keep pushing the college elitist interpretation of a "just world", which really only means following the college elite lock, stock, and barrel, then I think the future of the DNC in the US will look exactly like the Labour Party in the UK. Guess who is in power in the UK, and who is not? Yup, the Tories.
    BTW….what NONE of these bozos mentioned is that in Va., the ONLY reason schools were opened to begin with was GOP introduced legislation at the state level (R-Dunnavant, who is also a doctor). If the GOP had not introduced that legislation….VA DNC would have kept sniffing the butts of the teacher associations, and allow schools to be closed through God knows when (Ca. legislated through 2022, and Va. probably would have followed suit). Parents on the ground, including dem voters, know that GOP is the reason their schools are open. Thank you Rep. S. Dunnavant!!!

  7. It's interesting how the South is benefiting now from businesses relocating there, etc. And then you have these former strongholds like New York and San Francisco that are turning into 3rd world cities with massive homelessness and shoot outs. The market is working in that respect, you build bad policy and the people will go.

  8. Who thought forcing people to do things they don't want to do would make them vote for the other guys?
    Oh, right. Literally anyone with an ounce of sense about them.

    I hope the authoritarian scourge is eradicated sooner rather than later. Not really fussy about the means of it at this point, either. Just as long as it happens.

  9. Dimocrats control both houses, and what are they doing with that stolen power? Creating pork filled spending bills that will help the millions in this country illegally, with more on the way, than they help Americans.

  10. pulled to the Left? hahahahahahahahahahahahaLOLforever…Biden is a right wing democrat beholden to the corporations , funny propaganda though, keep it up…i love watching this country go up in flames

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