Matt Taibbi: How Reporters Came To Love The Spy State

Journalist and author, Matt Taibbi, discusses how the media’s coverage of intelligence has changed in the past decade.

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  1. Biggest threat is white supremacy? How come no mention of Antifa who literally have been burning down, destroying property for a year. there’s no place for white supremacy now our country but to make like that’s the biggest problem is just a lie and us being used for political purposes only!!

  2. BLM and antifa over the past summer cause $2 billion worth of damage and the deaths of over 40 police officers. They burnt down a police station and attempted to burn down a federal courthouse. Yet you say white supremacists are the big threat for America. Please list the damage and killings they did even over the last year? I find this commentary of yours could be beyond Bizzarre.

  3. The journalists like to feel cool. When some "cool guy james bond" spook feeds the journalist info, that makes the journalist feel validated and cool.

  4. I'm sorry .. the pushback is "how does journalism combat extremism ..?"
    When did it become accepted that a reporter's job is to fight something?
    I thought the job of a reporter was to report on things. To reveal, and bring to light facts that impact society and our lives.

    Who appointed them soldiers to personally defeat elements in society with which they don't personally agree?
    When did this grandiose, delusional belief that a reporter's job is to do anything more than to expose the truth to the public become orthodoxy?

  5. This isn't new. Look at how the press covered the OJ Simpson trial non stop during the Clinton impeachment. Never discussed the 11 felonies, Who hired Craig Livingston,or why the man who found Vince Fosters body testified behind a screen with his voice scrambled. Or even why so many witnesses turned up dead before they could testify? I guess when you're sitting on hundreds of FBI files of the most powerful people in the world you can get away with anything

  6. In the Oscars Rosana Arquertte gave a shout out to Robert Mueller when she accepted her Oscar. Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro were kissing F-B-1s rear end on every awards ceremony and on SNL.
    SNL went so right wing during the Trump presidency.

  7. This is all about Trump. As much as the left loves to point to the GOP as being "completely taken over" by Trump, and being turned into "The party of Trump", the anti-Trump crowd is even more obsessed. The only litmus test for whether a person or organization is good or bad is that person or organization's alignment with or opposition to Trump.

    Since the technocrats and career appointees all disliked Trump, the dem's now back those folks, regardless of their prior behaviors.

  8. Who thinks this nonsense? It is obvious that the FBI and CIA are fully paid up members of the Democratic Party. The public are extremely concerned about this.

  9. A partial solution, but it hasn't caught on yet, is social media run on a distributed file system, called the Interplanetary File System, and not dependent on large server farms. Individual participants hold most of the data. It cannot be seized by LE.

  10. Matt Taibi had it 100% correct. True honest liberals were always skeptical of Intelligence agencies. Which was a good thing. When Trump came along IA hated Trump, for whatever reason. Then Obama who used IA as a tool had them go after Trump, and people Like clapper and Brennan started becoming media contributors and as long as they criticized Trump they were hailed as patriots instead of torturers and shady figures overthrowing countries.

  11. I'm saying it right now and i know someone else most likely said this before but i see our society slowly going down the Fahrenheit 451 book society if we don't do something now like the quote in the book
    "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

  12. They are all in a great big club in selling the working class into indentured servitude to the money class.
    Just show me any successful legislation that is favorable to the working class… without a much larger give away to the wealthy class.
    Every once in awhile they will let working people eat some left over crumbs from the upper class banquet.
    Lucky us.

  13. Russiagate was nonsense of course, and I harshly judged anyone who believed it, but the only people who still talk about Russiagate are Russiagate critics. Now it's Taibbi that has Trump derangement syndrome.

  14. Thanks Krystal and Saagar for bringing this great reporting to our attention—the ground beneath our feet is shifting fast in regard to censorship, and yet no one except Matt Taibbi is reporting it: hope this starts a movement in the 4th/5th estate!

  15. Reality check: Mr. Brennan hacked domestic emails (Senators & aides) to get CYA info about torture, lied about it, and got busted…twice. Right?

  16. These urinalists have traded facts for narrative. They are nothing more than activists, as would be expected from the adoption of the uncritical case religion. They can't win a logical argument involving oppositional views ('extremists' = people whose views they disagree with) and therefore have to resort to repression.

  17. Nice to know that Matt and the Hill anchors have adopted the authoritarian state’s hysteria that there’s white supremacy running rampant. Sounds like the 50s when communists could’ve been anywhere and everywhere. CIA was pushing that paranoia too.

  18. The right wants to limit black lives matter protests and the left wants to limit protests from right wingers. I bet you that both sides are going to win and then both sides are going to lose.

  19. Loosely, it seems the general public operates under a "just-world" sorta bias when it comes to these invasive policies.

    I don't think the public fully appreciates how malicious actors use these tools to insert evil-doings here

  20. Check out "Anatomy of the State" by Murray N. Rothbard (audiobook on YouTube), "The End of All Evil" by Jeremy Locke (audiobook on YouTube), the lectures and interviews of Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980s (on YouTube and Rumble), and the work of Mark Passio of WhatOnEarthIsHappening if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the human psyche, this world, how to survive, what it will take to change yourself, and what it will take to facilitate change in others.

  21. Krystal: "What is behind this new trend?" Um, it's been obvious for awhile now that it's about manufacturing consent for the failing empire and the failed neoliberal project. Nothing else.

  22. People can blame corporate media journos all they want. But the public was easily manipulated by obvious lies, because it's what they wanted to believe. If most of the public had repudiated their ridiculous claims, it could've been stopped. But it's too late now