Matt Taibbi: Liberal MSM MELTS DOWN, Blames Bernie & Susan Sarandon For Biden’s Flailing Presidency

Matt Taibbi explains how media coverage of the Biden administration’s woes reveal the rot in elite journalistic circles.

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  1. I like Matt a lot and agree with him on many things. I enjoy his takes. But “a lot” of Trump’s support was not due to racism. In fact, I would say that it was barely a blip on the radar.

  2. Where is the vax for TDS? Symptoms include lack of critical thinking, paranoia (especially of white "supremacy", and inability to laugh. 80 million Americans suffer and they need help.

  3. There's no Big Think going on here. We live in a Political Duopoly. A massive Pyramid Scheme where Greed is Good and Crooks, Liars and Cheats can look like Winners.

    Motto: Anything is allowed as long as you can do it fast enough before being detected.

  4. Non thinking people push for Medicare For All !
    The Small section of our population on Medicare is supported by our Large Section of population on our employer based policies. The Medicare People are way undercharged . You takeaway the employer policies that the people are getting & there wouldn’t be enough to pay for the people on Medicare now , let alone all the new people that would be on Medicare. Also you would lose all the $ for medical Innovations!

  5. Our democracy is under assault and the people who have the power right now (Dems) won't use it! From inherent contempt to nuking (or just carving out) the filibuster to pass voting rights, to an executive order to cancel student debt, the Dems continue to bring Marquis of Queensbury rules to a knife fight. They have only themselves to blame. Cowards.

  6. The American Media is tightly controlled by a tiny group of Billionaires. THIS is, imho, the #1 problem in Politics right now. The Billionaire owned Media will not allow ANY discussion that questions their Agenda. First thing I would do is obliterate the Media Monopoly and restore The Fairness Doctrine.

  7. Good news for CNN- Chris Wallace has announced he's leaving the Far Right network (FOX) to work at a credible organization. It's unfortunate to see FOX continue to lose credible journalists with integrity, but that is what Far Right groups do- purge those unwilling to promote their misinformation narrative. The good news is that Far Right movements eventually end, as history has shown. The bad news is that they do considerable damage in the process.

  8. Politicians are filled with so much BS that it’s Oooozing out of their mouths! How dumb are those who keep voting for the same career politicians over and over? They all say what they think you want to hear. It’s so blatantly disingenuous. The media and politicians are One and the same, frauds and liars!

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