Matt Taibbi: Media STAMPEDE Of Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals ROT In Modern Journalism

Journalist Matt Taibbi details what the media should learn from their coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse.

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  1. Kind of disappointing that Taibbi, once a fairly compelling journalist, has taken to defending a dangerous vigilante who, yes, was declared not guilty by a jury because they could not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but who was certainly not innocent. This whole thing panders to the worst elements of society, and the left's media overreach pales in comparison to what Carlson et. al. continue to present on a daily basis. Rittenhouse had the best attorneys money could by and, as in the OJ trial, they manipulated the case skillfully. The Carlson interview was clearly scripted and rehearsed. Yes, Taibbi has become a useful idiot.

  2. Matt Taibbi used to write unhinged TDS stories for Rolling Stone. He was trying, and failing, to emulate Hunter Thompson's iconic coverage of Nixon in the early '70s. Taibbi left RS & disappeared for awhile, then re-emerged as a moderate. I wonder what happened to change him.

  3. I’m not a typical tucker Carlson viewer. But when Kyle said he supports BLM I wasn’t really shocked, so to speak because I generally believe most people fall somewhere in the middle. And they will lean a little to one side on various topics and matters.

  4. Joe Biden took an oath to the Constitution and his most important job is to see that all people have the right to a fair trial – joe is a traitor and should be charged with treason

  5. After the Derek Chauvin case, the media thought they could stampede any jury into giving the woke decision the leftists wanted.
    All their bets were on getting Rittenhouse convicted.
    Unfortunately for them, this failed and now they face liability for their distortions and lies.

  6. You completely missed characterize fox viewers, alot agree with Kyle you are doing what is wrong with this country and type casting by what people watch.

  7. Hey Joe it’s time to bust out your wallet and pay the piper. Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg are each paying 30 mill because of their defamation of character moronic Ness😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Leave it to Ryan Grim to try and ferret out some angle that let's him slander "the right" in a story about how the media constant spins fairytales in an effort to slander the right.

  9. Kyle is not an "upper middle class white liberal." And no, Tucker's audience wasn't horrified by Kyle defending the right of BLM to peacefully protest, the next words out of his mouth condemned the rioting and destruction….so basically the conservative position.

  10. ALSO why is BLM looting keeping law busy while we have ALL this legit dirt on Clinton's, Epstein/Maxwell case, it kills me that it's no longer front page how they dumped their sins on Trump!!

  11. As someone who follows Tucker, I would say that I was far from disappointed. Plenty of us Classical Liberals follow Tucker. Many, Many Strawman assumptions out there.. plenty of Classical Liberals who own AR15s as well by the way.

  12. I really don't like Tucker Carlson and hate that I have to agree with him on anything, but Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty and I will die on that hill even if Tucker Carlson is also on it with me, because it is the right thing to do.

  13. Do you have proof Tuckers audience was disappointed? Or are you just doing more of the right vs left dance that you’re accusing the media of doing.

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