Matt Taibbi: MIRACLE COVID Drug Cut Death By 50%, Release STALLED 6 MONTHS To Avoid Culture War

Co-host of Useful Idiots podcast, Matt Taibbi, details Merck’s new ‘miracle’ COVID-19 treatment, and why its rollout was delayed.

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  1. The world was made to believe the vaccine going to protect you against the virus , today we know better but yet the vaccine it still pushed . Guess the world is still not ready to treat the sick .how many more people have to die before the puppet and sheep going to open there eyes

  2. This organization doesn't seem to be the "run of the mill" sold out to the global media disinformation cartel. In this age of "disinformation" it is extremely hard to figure out what are "facts" and vice versa. Divide and Conquer seems to be the strategy from the globalist, Military, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Banking cabal. I particularly like the maverick spirit of Kim Iverson. I think she is about as decent a reporter as we could hope for.

  3. Didnt really like emily that much, but that hit about bleach was soooo golden!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 it was even more fun to see kim try and hold back her wrath 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 more emily and less kim next time ok rising 😜

  4. "The FDA hasn't approved injecting bleach" Oh that is so not funny. It's right down there with the louses describing Ivermectin as "horse-dewormer", or any Don Lemon-Chris Cuomo video.

  5. Why hasn’t natural resistance to covid due to having survived the illness even been-considered? Why doesnt previous illness count as a way to beat covid? Why does anyone need to suffer vaccine side effects after already having survived and suffered the illness?

  6. The ivermectin Rachel Maddow tweet saying people overdosed on horse medicine was a lie. The vaccine isn’t a treatment and it doesn’t work. Look at society still. It’s a gene therapy NOT A VACCINE!!!!

  7. Though the drug is available still vaccines are pushed by politicians who see the mandates as authoritive measures designed more to achieve compliance than for human welfare?..This is obvious as the ideal billions should be vaccinated is not only unrealistic short of forced vaccination it's also medically unsound..Drugs are the preffered form of treatment it targets the sick individual as it should.. .But widescale indiscriminate vaccines are an drastic form of medical intervention even though historically this has successfully rid some of the world populations of some of the worst disease forms… Smallpox Polio Malaria etc..But do try and remember these diseases where disabling disfiguring but nonetheless survivable though obviously for the suffers and communities extremely distressing..You have to question the whole vaccination stance regards respirstory illness COVID it just doesn't sound right in the circumstances and it's clearly being dangerously pushed for other motives and reasons…We need to resist this authoritarian government intervention before it causes real damage as it's likely more vaccine harm than good given the low COVID numbers is the likely outcome..Also there is room for improvement as soon as treatments with drugs become available in that they can only get better in terms of efficiency..!!

  8. What have you got against Ivermectin? Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved by Ivermectin if the Government and Beurocrats had not been against Ivermectin. hiding it from the Public consciousness!

  9. I sense it's profit over lives. Patents over lives. Party politics make a great cover, providing layers of protection for Big Pharma, slithering their way to monster profits without objection; lobbying helps-buy your way anywhere, and onboard for profits when performing for the WHO's global agenda.

  10. Did I heard bleach injections? keep that video for posterity, the damage press does to society stereotyping valid treatments by vilifying inexpensive universal treatments may haunt some as ignorance rhetoric. Hint US patent US5240829A

  11. Rick Bright was instrumemtal in suppressing all non vaccine covid therepeutics. Who was paying him or directing him to do that? Was it Fauci? Gates? Pfizer? The Great Reset globalist cabal? Who?

  12. The original other drugs were quickly found to be a dead end. This one seems legit. Vaccine still good: reduces symptoms, hospital stays, deaths, AND, yes, transmission. That's what I've seen/heard as an RN who wants this all to stay as common sense as possible. I very much understand the confusion/messaging issues, but I also understand ratings come from controversy with >anything< to do w/ the vaccine. There's your summed score.

  13. DS didn't want it out so they could push approval for the vaccine. It's against the law for FDA to approve a vaccine if there are FDA approved therapeutics to work on the illness.

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