Matt Taibbi on Being BANISHED From MSNBC for Russiagate Take

Matt Taibbi describes being banished from MSNBC after questioning their Russiagate narrative.

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Photos: Morning Joe, Matt Taibbi

Written by Due Dissidence


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  1. I've got to say two things:

    Wow, what a great interview. It was so refreshing to have Matt on to hear his own takes and personal views. It seems like most only bring him on as a prop to be used, but I loved the questions to guys had ready for him and giving him time to answer. Bravo.

    Second, holy crap it's nice to see you guys getting this recognition with the big guest pull.

    Keep it up. DD is one of the last refuges for real journalism and I appreciate your work on trying uphold it.

  2. Trump being slightly buffoonish pales in comparison with the criminal element infested in our government and institutions. He I believe that Trump’s only crime was running for and getting elected president without the blessing “permission” of the ruling class. And to make them more mad they didn’t have any blackmail on him which is why they tried to blackmail him with that stupid piss tape. Washington runs on blackmail. They’re all criminals with skeletons and THAT is the reason why it doesn’t matter who wins or what party is in power nothing changes. Never ending war , no medical care for all, no infrastructure etc etc etc. Only bread and circuses.

  3. Aside from his great reporting, Taibbi is a litmus test to see if you are dealing with a sh*tlib. They will immediately disparage his career or attempt to slander his work in some way. Keep it up guys, your channel growth has been impressive

  4. Hate Inc. is mandatory reading if you want to be media-literate in modern outrage-politics. It's taught me to be wary of any outlet that only criticize one side rather than defend policy and criticise those that breach it.

  5. Not through the interview yet, but Matt and everyone wonders why the left-leaning press didn't go after Trump for the legitimate scandals and crimes that he obviously was guilty of.
    Keaton puts in a good answer, the Centrist instinct to quash Populism. But beyond that is also the fact that some of the key Democrats are also guilty of the same basic types of corruption that Trump is guilty of. Trump and the Clintons both sucking money from bogus online universities is a great example. I think the Democrats' corruption is of a far lesser degree than Trump. But it was a case of Mutually Assured Destruction. Had the Democrats legitimately fought Trump's corruption, there would have been calls from the Republicans, and the voters in general, to shut down the same gravy train that they themselves were on the receiving end of. Therefore, factual evidence was completely off limits. That's the only thing that explains the sheer flight of fantasy we've been enduring for 7 years and counting.

  6. So awesome that you guys landed this interview! As someone who has been watching your channel since you had a few hundred subscribers, I'm very excited to see how much success you've been having recently. It is very well deserved!

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