Matt Taibbi on How the Surveillance State is Marketed to Leftists

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #232, journalist Matt Taibbi discusses how Bush-era War on Terror measures are being amplified, marketed to leftists, and also weaponized against them.

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Written by Primo Radical


  1. When you talk about the surveillance state don't you have to talk about social media, big tech, which tracks everything you do and has data on every time you take a piss and everything else? Sure the government is an issue, but for my money it's the trillion dollar companies making money because they can sell advertising to the specific demographic they want, that are the real problem.

  2. It's exactly what the USA needs a bit of grinding under autocratic boots the USA has been voting for tinpot Militarist warmongers since WW2 that have inflicted death and destruction murder and torture on hundreds of millions of fellow humans it's time the wheel turned and the universe got some of its own back what goes around etc.,

  3. The War on Terror Morphed into a War on "anti-science deplorables." These are characterized as Biden's DVE's. They'll be suppressed via big tech's AI biosecurity state an outgrowth of the "The Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex."

  4. Hmm… it isn't Leftists who are wringing their hands and clutching their pearls over the Jan 6 Busch Light Putsch, it's liberals. It's Bidencrats and Clintoncrats. At this point I think it's dishonest to lump the Left in with those whose idea of equality and justice is corporate pandering to diverse audiences-

  5. Matt's one of the few people who are actually articulate about this particular subject matter. Unfortunately, this level of analysis is beyond the comprehension of the average FOX, CNN, or MSNBC host.

  6. What i think the January 6th event wasabi about. Is some of the people who took part in it. Were unknowingly taking part in a false flag event.

  7. This cabal is also deleting comments … Comments which bust their fake discourses and pretencious pandering … There are cops who are also LEFT ?️ there are also LEFT soldiers who serve the savage army … The LEFT ALSO CONSUMES PORN ?️

  8. Thank you for your hard work. I've been impressed with the quality of the questions, knowledge of the subject matter, and the interviews you've landed since the before-fore times with Nutmeg.

    One question I've always wanted to ask you: How on earth do you get these wonderful people like Matt Tiabi, Noam Chomsky, etc. to do a sit down interview with you? You seem to land conversations with people I've always looked up to. Do you have a personal connection to these people or do you just ask and they say yes?

  9. Jimmy Dore mentioned a podcast called Primo Radical so I came here to find Matt. Sorry man, i didn't know this was your channel yet. I'll subscribe now. America needs to hear these conversations

  10. I was recently permanently suspended from Twitter for my criticism of propaganda, oligarchy, etc and was told my account was full of 'hate speech'. A couple of weeks before that it was pointed out to me on twitter that there was a new bot program assessing people's communication on twitter and grading them for their disruptive behavior. I had a 76% score with this bot program when I checked…