Matt Taibbi on the Threat of Nuclear War

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #262, award-winning author and journalist Matt Taibbi discusses how Americans have seemingly lost their fear of nuclear annihilation. We also talk about how nuclear war and McCarthyism were previously represented in Hollywood films like “Dr. Strangelove” as well as television.

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  1. Now we have all these politicians calling for a no-fly zone with no knowledge of what it means. And all you have to do is watch Kamala Harris and Pelosi recently trying to explain the Ukraine situation to understand the depth of stupidity and incompetence that defines our political leaders.

  2. Nuclear war has always been a mathematical certainty, like everything, it's just a matter of when..There has never been a human civilization that has failed to self destruct..I think Putin is a demonstration of patience and diplomacy.. If America was in the same position, good lord there would be a million dead, like Iraq..People are just incapable of putting themselves in the other guys shoes..We have many existential threats that are all coming to a head..This is the age of consequences, and we live in the land of illusions.. We won't escape the consequences of our behavior, it's impossible..We are trapped in this cycle of conquest, exploitation and self destruction and our civilization is the pinnacle of this cycle..We have covered all the bases of our self destruction, like no other civilization..The damage is done, now it's just a waiting game, until the consequences catch up..The only question is will some human phoenix rise from the ashes, and how many times have we done this…I guess we will never know.. Tick–Tock….

  3. Geez Louise, the people who watch TYT, Breaking Points, Kyle Kulinski, Sam Seder need to hear this. I'm an old Gen Xer and everything Matt is saying is spot-fucki-on. In high school, we read Brave New World & 1984. We were like – whew! We passed the fictional deadline, and none of that shit happened! We made it! Or the 80s film "War Games," where the computer thinks WW3 is a game, but it's connected to real nukes. In the end he learns, "The only war to win WW3, is NOT to play." Seems there are a lot of young AND old people who never learned that lesson.

  4. Today, a covid hysterical neoliberal warmonger lady would push the launch button immediately, if told by a computer to do so. There would be no hesitation, only supreme gratification and self-righteousness would linger in her brain before destroying the planet.

  5. That they have an official designation for lost nukes (Broken Arrow) is the most worrying thing.
    How many have they lost that it needed to be designated a call sign.

  6. I watched threads when I was like 8 years old & it scared the shit outa me,because I was 28 miles away from sheffield one of the majory strike zones.
    Yeah that one hit home.

  7. Putin and Oliver Stone watching Dr. Strangelove together was an interesting tidbit, that piques my interest. Also, algorithm for excellent content always. Liked, subscribed, notified and shared.

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