Matt Taibbi on the TYT Meltdown

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #232, Award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author Matt Taibbi shares his thoughts on the recent Twitter feud between Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks (TYT) with Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald and Max Blumenthal over the issue of the Syrian gas attacks and Vladimir Putin.


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Written by Primo Radical


  1. Matt rightly protests the use of the 'right-wing' smear as a thought-stopper, to stifle debate. But at the same time, he just plays into the hands of the establishment when he accepts the lumping in of the weaponized, uncritically-used term 'conspiracy theory' (the biggest thought-stopper of them all) with hate-speech, violence, and insurrectionism.

  2. People should be aware that even the sainted I.F. Stone was not above having his independence compromised. He carried the water for the Warren Commission and dismissed its critics.

  3. It’s so simple. Just learn to critique people with respect and maintain the potential for dialogue. Be honest about your perception of what you think someone is doing, but don’t call them names and shut down communication.

  4. I can't really talk about any "sell outs" in the media or in any part of life in negative terms.

    Because I know it would be hypocritical on my part. I would take and cash all my checks and laugh if I was being paid a fortune.

    Because I'm frigging broke.

  5. Imagine how warped you are if you simultaneously believe that Jimmy Dore & Aaron Mate are right-wing operatives & that free speech is an alt-right Trojan Horse being used to oppress people and undermine the Establishment's power centers.

    Now imagine you get your political news from a person that demented.

  6. I find Cenk much more genuine and trustworthy. The 'Russia thing' was actually a thing even though it can't be blamed for Clinton's weak candidacy. Russian intelligence was secretly provided with the Trump campaign's most sensitive polling data. That kind of cooperation with any government is intolerable.

  7. Disclosed a one time, 20 million dollar investment, since paid back, has over a hundred unionized (yes, I checked) employees who get fair wages, to sustain the most transparent and only progressive video-based media company in the world over a decade.

    Meanwhile, 20 million isn't even what ONE msm anchor gets for ONE year. Both Cenk and Ana turned down millions from legacy media to end tyt and get paid.

    Cenk, double Ivy educated attorney, uses his free time and money as well as revenue to create:
    ?Wolfpac to pass an amendment that gets money out of politics,
    ?Rebellion PAC that produces and runs ads to primary Democrats like Manchin and Sinema,
    ?Justice Democrats that singlehandedly delivered the most progressive members of Congress in the history of the nation and changed the entire political landscape for the better in the first time after FDR.

    Ana turned down numerous lucrative offers to do the program Weekends on the socialist Jacobin channel and she is a journalism professor as well.

    Jimmy Dore uses donations from his magic third party project to buy a mansion in Cali. Hey, is Nina Turner a sellout for running as a Democrat too? Gosh, if not taking corporate PAC money isn't a sufficient purity test…any politician in the entire world NOT a sellout?? How many people has Jimmy gotten into office?

    The right-wing and corporate Dems wanted to take down Tyt through some way since it's conception. If tyt are such shills for HRC, Obama, or Biden….how come none of them ever went on?

    Keyboard activists and hyper-online tankies are fulfilling the right-winger's dream when they attack one of the Left's only outlets that gives progressives exposure and CONSISTENTLY keep giving folks like Jimmy their start

    Tyt supported Bernie both times he ran because they actually believe in wanting to improve lives. Jimmy supported Tulsi to improve ratings and bc he was mad at Bernie for not going on his show.

    Cenk and Ana are American heroes in media just like Taibbi.

    I'm unapologetically proud of supporting TyT AND majority report, Patreon for Secular, and recurring donor to Democracy Now! Intercept, and Katie Halper. I like Greyzone and Max, Richard Medhurst; I appreciate several sources to get the fullest understanding on an issue and Tyt provides sourced stories (that always require further vetting by a sophisticated viewer).

    Ive never felt tyt was so wrong or off base on any issue that merited attacking them. The Syria story is a perfect example of manufactured hysteria. Literally every segment tyt did would repeatedly say critiques are not calls to war AND give information using sources like the ocdw (or whatever) report.

    Now, I get Mate and Richard have strong opinions that doubt the chem attack, and while I give their opinions and evidence proper weight, it isn't definitive enough to disregard the report findings a la chlorine

    …and guess what, since both are vigorously against imperialistic goals, I think reasonable folks can disagree on the events.

    Jimmy is too unreliable on facts.

    Here's a test: name a better and more transparent progressive daily, video based media outlet? I can't name one either. Good oeople should fight to improve and grow Tyt….not attack it because of differing opinions on issues people are supposed to have nuance.

    If you can't name a better one…that means we're talking about the best one. What benefit (other than channel boosting) is there for progressives and lefties in attacking TyT?

  8. I am sorry to say but calling this a feud is really taking the attention away from the corruption of TYT. Jimmy is just calling them out. You have to call a spade a spade!

  9. Wait a minute, you just can't have it both ways! You are either telling the truth or laying, otherwise what's your purpose and how are you different from MSM

  10. This is what TYT does. Their attitude is that if you don't agree with them on everything, you;re not a real progressive. They did the sane smear tactics against Tulsi Gabbiard. It's disgusting.

  11. Eeeewwwww, Matt defending Cenk and his atrocious lies to the public because journalists have to earn a living, That's disgusting!! Not to mention Cenk's reprehensible treatment of women. But Matt wants to stay neutral and "non-judgemental". Coward.

  12. Marcy Wheeler, and even Amy Goodman are other examples of partisanship over honest reporting when it would otherwise go against their political allegiances.  

    Facts wherever they lead should always govern.

  13. How dare journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi and Aaron Mate write about anything other than Trump, QAnon, or 1/6. How dare they hold Democrats accountable for their actions. How dare they!

    Reminds me of Brian Ross subbing for Dan Abrams on his SiriusXM radio show this week regarding Biden's ethical tight rope by hiring friends and family members of his administration in high-paying and career-making jobs. Ross repeatedly said that Trump's terribleness shouldn't be an excuse for Democrats doing questionable things but then spent 75% of the show discussing and comparing how bad Trump's actions are to Biden's. And Ross missed the most obvious point: Biden appointing his family members into the administration would probably be a massive paycut for them when they already make bank off the family name…right, "artist" Hunter Biden?

  14. Always liked Matt. Even when a contingent of the left came after him a few years ago for not playing sides. I don't mind tyt. I think they still serve a purpose getting people towards local left policy. But yeah, Cenk's Russia stuff was outta hand, and Ana's piece on Syria was completely uncharacteristic of what tyt usually covers. I don't really care about the name calling. If AOC can get over it, so can Aaron, who I also enjoy. I just don't like that we're playing teams over this. Call out tyt on their bs and call out jd on his, and let's continue pushing for progress.

  15. I knew Nathan Robinson was a corporate tool! I got the first issue of Current Affairs and immediately saw it was a trust fund Ivy League project. He is such an affected twit. Bribri Joy was right to jump ship.