Matt Taibbi: Orwell’s 1984 Comes True In US Propaganda | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk with journalist and author Matt Taibbi about how the US wartime propaganda resembles Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984 and the 90s Russian history getting lost from the discussion

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Matt Taibbi:

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  1. The last couple of years we've gotten way too close to Orwell's vision . As for Russian history , we don't even make a serious attempt to understand our own. The results for all to see. Thanks for having Matt on.

  2. My impression is that all eastern European countries were poor before the end of cold war, and afterwards some ended up alright now. What're the differences between them and Russia?

  3. One thing you forget is that Putin’s popularity is because the US as always wanted to steer the country telling Russian politicians what to do. This was a complete failure as Russian has a huge history and are very proud people.

  4. Your poll about communists shows once more how dumb the public opinion is! Reminds me of the freedom fries BS.
    No wonder people like Trump or Biden get elected.

  5. Emmanuel Goldstein / Donald Trump…..two minutes hate! AAAAAHHHHHH!
    Constantly "at war"
    Ministry of truth / anti-misinformation censorship.
    Surveillance / Big Brother watching you. Ask Ed Snowden and Glen Greenwald.

  6. The late, great P.J. O'Rourke in his book "Eat the Rich" profiled "good capitalism vs. bad capitalism and good socialism vs. bad socialism"
    Behavior, not labels, are useful to understand what we are dealing with. The "capitalism" of Singapore works because the rule of law principle and the trust it engenders has force. The "capitalism" of Russia or Albania?…..not so much. Culture counts.
    Question authority everybody. Fearlessly call bullshit on anybody who deserves it. Remarkable how many "little fascists" have been cropping up.
    Thanks Matt !

  7. Which best describes Russia?: 42% Communist, 13% Socialist, 11% said Capitalist and 17% OTHER… So, only 11% of Americans know that Russia is a Capitalist country… WHAT?!

  8. 11:15 The Communist Party in Russia is gaining ground… we can only hope. Matt describes Putin as a "Pinochet-style nationalist strongman" ? choke, cough… HELL No! PUTIN is an anti-Imperialist which is why people on the true left are supporting him you dingbat! God -That's hard when heroes like Matt Taibbi end up obviously brainwashed. Sad.

  9. The UN, in 1993 agreed to Agenda 21, 196 countries. The same agenda that Gates Foundation(276 million)and the USA "donated" 11 billion to. That agreed to population control, data collection, media control, public experimentation, "research institutions", and land/resource control. The same leaders that owe the Fed Cartel.

    The Fed Cartel controls inflation, every world leader, every politician, every country is in on the pyramid scheme. Only 3% of currency has real value. They create money from nothing, loan it to your leader, for a "bond", the government puts it in a bank, the bank keeps a small portion( around 10%), then the bank takes the rest of the loan and create a "reserve" digital copy and now that amount is doubled, you borrow that full amount and deposit it into your bank, the process repeats it's self(10% kept in reserve). Every deposit creates 9x that amount out of thin air. The new money steals value from the existing money supply. For the total pool of money is being increased irrespective for demands of goods and services. The result is inflation. Inflation is essentially a hidden tax on the public. The Fed's main banks are Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank Of America. So if you do not support the pyramid scheme, simply boycott these banks. It will deal a massive blow to the Fed Cartel and the leaders that are getting over on you.

  10. "Putin's paranoia"? Saagar's establishment republicanism is resurfacing. How is a genuine national security threat dismissed as "paranoia"?
    It's this kind of insolence and condescension that's led the world into the current shit storm. FFS.

  11. The entire world economy is closer to communism than capitalism. Government wouldn't have anything to do with trade in a capitalist economy.

  12. At about 14:30, what Matt said about BBC and VOA being outlawed in Russia and removing RT from the air in America and Europe as being something that Americans are not connecting with is what scares me the most. Information vital to my understanding of what is happening in the world is deemed not fit for us to know is nothing more than keeping us in the dark so that we can be controlled and suppressed. Do Americans think that they are free but are really taking freedom too much for granted? I believe that the people as a whole are wiser than any leaders usually but the power almost always lies with the leaders and almost never with the people. The actions of leaders seem to benefit small factions of society and often harm the masses of people. War is the ultimate example of that and war is at the world's doorstep right now.

  13. So in other words what right leaning conservatives have been saying for the last 2-3 years is correct. You lefties amaze me. Always late to the party and then you try to make us feel crazy

  14. Yes, the kernels of all of this were clearly in the deep history of the Covid mess. Many of us saw this and wrote about it before March 2020. The roots historically go back to US relations with Nazis post WW II & before – certainly to VietNam & the 60’s assassinations in US. The ties with World Economic Forum are now legendary. Difficult/impossible to try to be understanding with Russia in 2022 as JFK made a big effort to do in early 60’s.



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