Matt Taibbi Reveals State Dep Agency COLLUDED With Media To CENSOR On Twitter | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily have Matt Taibbi on to talk about his latest Twitter Files drop on how the Feds coordinated to shut down narratives they disliked on the platform.

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  1. The sensationalized story of the Twitter Files itself is a manipulation of the public.

    What content was the government that was in power at the time, the Trump administration, asking to be taken down? Does anyone know? Or care?
    And should campaigns be prohibited from using back-channels to communicate with media outlets about how their campaign is being covered? Do we want to pass legislation to force campaigns to communicate out in the open, in the public, about how their campaign is being covered?
    Should any legislated prohibition also apply to the government, in this case which would have been the Trump administration?
    There is a real story in all of this that I would like to see covered. This story would cover:
    >> The state of media, politics, speech, & censorship, & the intersections between these.
    >> The un-moderated spread of disinformation on Facebook, particularly among older people.
    >> The use of Twitter by white nationalists & other hate groups.
    >> Media bias.
    >> Propaganda.
    >> Censorship in general.
    >> Manipulation.

  2. Twitter was the synthetic left's most effective tool. Elon will be made to pay for this for the rest of his life. Contracts will be cancelled, endless investigations and early morning door knocks incoming.

  3. Not even a little surprised.

    If the current crop of journalists were around during Nixons term, theyd not have reported on Watergate and he'd have finished his term.

  4. The determination to shut down the lab leak theory is wildly suspicious. Why would the feds care if it was leaked from a lab or not? Could it be that we have govt employees directly funding GoF labs? I know nothing about the origin of the virus, but the mere fact fact that our politicans and media are so wildly incurious about it (as well as the obvious censorship of the leak theory) lead me to believe, with no evidence at all, that it was indeed a leak and the NIH prob funded it.

  5. I don't think any of this is illegal, but come the elections I will favor any Congressional or Presidential candidate who would constrain all government agencies to communicating by public pronouncement or public press conference. We might not have a legal solution to this undue influence, but we could demand a political solution.

  6. warn this years ago late 90s to try to make internet needs to be open source and controlled by the people or there will be 3-4 companies running it saying what we can and cant do controlling our data and spying on us all with fbi and gov too pushing there agenda smh. al before you know it you will have to show real name etc to even get on i was called a conspiracy nut then.

  7. 80% of people sheep its sad to learn to work and waist most of life make others rich school raising your kids while paying taxes making the gov over powerfull paying for oil and gas when its enough torun amerivca for 100s of years having all these bill smh. sick and sad and all almost horror if you was really awaken you would make real work 10 months out for the year for other let that sink in its new year every dollar you make so you don't get to keep any money to nov and then dec insane. taxes> 35-50% fees>credit card loan etc>25%> inflation20%

  8. If we weren't living in history's saddest, most-pussified era, Matt Taibbi would cruise to a Pulitzer Prize for his brilliant work. Pathetically, this iconic journalist is now persona non grata in the mainstream media, which serves as a mouthpiece for mentally ill liberals. A reckoning is coming.

  9. people are all over this in India /Europe … its really the only story of the day that matters … except in the humiliated US MSM … good to see the good guys like Matt getting paid

  10. The FBI point contact, all on their team and every director above them needs to go to prison. Like Share and Subscribe folks don't wait for YouTube do the honorable thing…

  11. And the Global Engagement Center contracted with SCL Strategic Communications Laboratories in March 2017, generating “intel” which results in FB purges. SCL was significantly the parent company of Cambridge Analytica. And it’s Director of International Business Development during this period (2015-2018) was Brittany Kaiser, Democratic Party operative for Hilary Clinton and likely spook.

  12. Russiagate, in light of these connections, would appear to have been a damage control campaign by SCL Group for the Clinton Foundation after the attempt to use AI analytics to suppress the Bernie Sanders campaign by its subsidiary Cambridge Analytica was detected.

  13. Matt shouldn’t have worked in tandem with any major political parties nor Elon Musk on those asinine Twitter files because now any story he puts out is going to be immediately politicized. He’s ruined his credibility.

  14. Love Matt’s work and i even think this recent slate of reporting on the Twitter files has utility. But how can he not see that Elon is just feeding him a narrative here? Funny how Twitter execs told you they had requests from the Trump administration but they are nowhere to be found in the emails he was given. He has literally become a Useful Idiot.

  15. Corporate media are panicking because their days of making sh#t up are coming to an end. Bad mouthing Matt, who strkes me as a very fair minded person, is all they got left, so keep up the great work!

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