Matt Taibbi: Silicon Valley Makes Ivermectin ‘Right-Wing,’ Medical Community Held HOSTAGE By MSM

Journalist, Matt Taibbi, details his reporting on the controversy surrounding the Covid-19 treatment Ivermectin.

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  1. BIG PHARMA would be even more “Upset” if folks found out how new studies show IVERMECTIN is a CANCER KILLER and it could potentially CHANGE THE GAME in treating a WIDE VERITY OF CANCERS!!! NOPE THEY WOULDN’T LIKE THAT ONE BIT…

  2. The level of press censorship in the U.S. is now on a par with that in a communist dictatorship (or any other suppressive dictatorship). We no longer have a free press. The fact is that information now goes through the internet, and the internet giants censor stories in the most blatant way.

  3. The regular media establishment is broken and can not be fixed. It is corrupt to the core more of a Russian trust situation for the talented and Pravda for the rest.

  4. Matt Taibbi; "…People are self-medicating with this drug all over the world now, is that a good idea that's a different question entirely…" Matt's framing leaves the concept of self-medication entirely up in the air, and I'm sure he knows the medical community does not recommend self-medicating. As a responsible reporter, he should've stated so, but that would not fit the narrative to sell the story.

  5. Mat's segment on the danger of Big Tech and Legacy Media banning suppositions is eerily close the the "Wrongthink" concept from Orwell's 1984…

  6. Get Dr Pierre Kory on! Ivermectin works …. which is why it's being suppressed. Because emergency authorizations of the jabs couldn't have gone ahead if there was a viable/safe treatment available.

  7. ??‍♂️Matt. THANK YOU mate. I've been bleating about IVERMECTIN being awesome since last Aug/Sept 2020. Disgusted that Susan Wojcicki's YouTube removed Pierre Kory's own Senate statement. I'm a kidney transplant recipient, spine cancer survivor & have HLA antibodies – I have to avoid the novel new covid vaccine. I'm 49 & Ivermectin's been around since I was 5. I'd rather have a decades old PROVEN prophylactic like IVERMECTIN.

  8. Hey, at least the Flu was removed from society. Or the PCR tests were picking up any type of inflammation or flu, instead of COVID. Which do you think is more likely?

  9. Matt is either being careful or just minimizing. As of February of this year, at least 50 studies had been done on Ivermectin, dozens of them peer reviewed; nearly all showing effectiveness against Covid. Food for thought: if there had early on been a drug that was found to be effective against Covid across the board, then vaccines would not have been given emergency use authorization. Bad for Pfizer et all.

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So enraged,this cause so much hurt in Latinoamerica, the original paper about the treatment in vitro was retracted, cause it couldnt be replicated. There were NO positive results, in any cientific study, IN ANY AT ALL No medical journal, or a research had came out with enough evidence it works in the slightly!

  11. The lowest of the lows the rich who own these social media companies are in bed with big pharma that doesn't want any competition to their vaccines. The filthy dirty rich belong in jail.

  12. Prophylactic, prophylactic, prophylactic…not treatment. Its works for treatment, but less so. But prophylactic as a direct vaccine alternative is the most effective use.
    Also the best evidence is seen by the use on mass scale. It crushed Covid in Peru from May 2020 until November when a regime change brought in a new President that banned it outside of prescription. Also in Mexico where it was mass distributed, it halted Covid completely. Same for Delhi and other provinces in India. Within two weeks of it being readily used, Covid has been crushed every time. BUT you have to keep taking it every so often so once its out of your system and your Doctors will be fired if they prescribe it, Covid comes storming back in. Just like Peru.

  13. Censorship has killed hundreds of thousands and those people should be held responsible.
    Yes, they should be put on trial and jailed for suppression of a cure and suppression of speech!!

  14. I live in Germany, when googling "Ivermectin" first results are all like "Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent Covid19…" and even a google warning…

  15. If we have a nuremburg trial in the future, we could get at the puppet masters who pulled the strings on YouTube and other media (particularly corporate media) and gave the orders to the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, EMU. If we could get those puppet masters in jail the world would be much better.

  16. What might be of interest is that the Indian government authorities removed the drug from the approved drug list for covid treatment sometime in May stating that there is no correlation between the drug use and treatment of the disease.

    However, in the United States things are going crazy. As people are being prevented from speaking about the drug itself.

    The CDC / FDA in case of US and national authorities in case of other nations should be the only ones who should say yes or no to a drug on the basis of clinical studies. Not some internet company.