Matt Taibbi Surprised by FBI & Twitter’s Collusion; Russiagate Info in Twitter Files

Taken from JRE #1940 w/Matt Taibbi:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. you yanks have swapped religion for technology

    Me and all my friends are not talking about any of these apps-we all have the latest phones and 15% have twitter installed

    we don’t give a shit about what’s being written online! why do you guys prey too this machine? we live our lives outside and discuss real things we see, not things written on a screen

    BTW most finished school-it’s not like we can’t read, we just look at you guys and say “fuk these guys man, we ain’t livin like that”!

  2. Why isn't some law advocacy group suing these agencies for violation of the 1st Amendment through censorship? It was always argued (correctly) that private companies CAN censor. They can; the government can't. Its not a difficult argument to say that censorship by government through a private company is censorship by government.
    Where is the ACLU? We know where they are.

  3. Pinko propaganda 101. Tell everyone what they already know while injecting blatant lies for the Chinese government. My God, what cowardly trash. Literally, what Alex Jones did on a daily basis, regurgitating the exact mindless 4am talking points of your foreign enemies, that can be seen across socialist media around the world, all to protect the socialist/terrorist vasal states of China that you have been at war with the last 1,000 years. ie. Serbia/Belarus/Iran/Syria/Russia/Palestine, the National Socialist brigade of genocidal cowards who wage wars against women, children and unarmed civilians with the sole intent to murder religious minorities.

    This genocide denying white trash is literally spewing out 4am talking points of the Chinese government while covering up the ethnic cleansing of Muslim and Catholic Europeans at the hands of the National Socialist government of commie pinko trash Milosevic, installed by China to continue 100 years of military occupation and ethnic cleansing. These are irrefutable facts.

    I’d love to see this spineless coward go interview Bosnian or Kosovar refugees. You know, actually have an ounce of journalistic integrity to expose the truth which he’s knowingly covering up. Duhhh I c-c-call p-people 30 t-times f-foor wun sentence deerrrp. Yup, that’s journalism for ya. Here’s a thought, try researching and interviewing people who lived through it all. That would be actual journalism, which is way too much for pinko trash to do, that and it interferes with Chinas talking points he peddles.
    Unbelievable he needs to inject these completely unrelated lies into what they’re talking about.

    This pinko trash can’t even fumble his way through a sentence coherently, trying so hard to remember the pinko list he needed to regurgitate for China (pinkos always have a list they rattle off with no research or explanation done). I guess the genocide my gf lived through was all a dream, what a relief to know. The refugee camp of 600,000 she worked at wasn’t real, got it. Guess the tens of thousands of woman and children bloodied and raped that they were medically caring for were all a dream. Got it. Guess all those mass graves of young boys rounded up and slaughtered was all a dream. So refreshing to know, thanks c-c-captain pinko. Hail China! Hail Milosevic! Hail communist genocide!

    Absolute ass clown and an embarrassment to journalism. You’re literally no different, as you mindlessly spread government derived misinformation for CHINA wall talking about the horrors or government control and misinformation. Hope you all never have to live through the very same genocide you deny.

    Wake me up when this coward decides to confront Netanyahu and ask him why he begged us to invade Iraq and why he saw Afghanistan as such a success (it’s on c-span). I know he won’t, he’s a spineless shill. Just like he’d never interview someday who’s lived through the genocide he denies.

  4. Ideally, I love the idea of an open forum to allow people do debate in the open. The problem is that a large percentage of our population has zero critical thinking skills and is very easily manipulated with false information. People believe what they want to believe and explain anything that challenges their world view as "fake news". Social media has damaged this world in a major way and it's only going to get worse.

  5. 6 out of 10…no matter how smart…are pupppp pets. I think this is due to survival of the species and the natural order. Happiness in the USA comes with charges and trials. We need to demand accountability and justice or this mess gets worse for our progeny.

  6. No Libertarian or (classical) Liberal was at all surprised by the Twitter Files. Always assume the State is doing the most nefarious things it can get away with — because it always does.

  7. WISH Joe Rogan would interview Dallas Detective Bill DEAR , author of the book :
    IF he has interviewed BILL DEAR , I certainly didn't know about it .

  8. How stupid of an American you have to be to believe in Russians affecting American election lol. True or not.. Americans literally affect every election on the planet to what suits them at the time, this involves killing of leadership and putting their own in ace and spying, but somehow Russians spamming idiot Americans with some bots is a big deal?! Only in America can this be a story. It's not news or a story, it's normal and happens all over the world, and people who do it most are Americans. Why isn't that a story?!

  9. I don't understand how this is a story. Even if Russians tried to affect the election on public television, openly telling people how to vote, it's still nothing compared to how Americans affected elections worldwide. Why was this even a story? This is super normal for Americans. Invade a country, kill leadership they don't like, put new in place, repeat. I don't understand. If Russians didn't interfere in the election, that's a story.

  10. The most important accomplishment of the Trump Administration was unmasking the Deep State and the collusion between the Intelligence agencies, DOJ, MSM and Social Media. It is real and apparent. How to clean it up is another matter.

  11. the same people who believed Russia Gate also believed covid-19 came from a Chinese citizen eating a bat. A cloth mask can keep you from getting covid-19, and that the Pfizer vaccine stops the spread. These are truly ignorant people.

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