Matt Taibbi: Yes, The Deep State Does Exist, And It’s LIBERALS Who Are Doing Its Bidding

Co-host of Useful Idiots podcast and author of TK News, Matt Taibbi, breaks down the resurrection of the intelligence apparatus’s public image.

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  1. So the Intelligence agency playbook is pretty simple. The playbook is

    1. "agitate through unconstitutional and corrupt practice's that border the line of public acceptance.

    2. Wait until the person being mistreated speaks out.

    3. Then use the massive power of various psychological operations divisions to discredit and turn public perception against the victim.

    It's basically 'gaslighting' and increasing their unconstitutional activities while public perception is positioned against the victim.

    This way peoples perception and public opinion is ' the intelligence agencies where justified'.

    It's a very sneaky but simple way.

  2. Young liberals don't believe in freedom. The believe in winning at any cost, including through repression. They don't believe in classic American values. The Bill of Rights is just a tool, it means nothing to them.

  3. I love Taibbi. He's the best to do the job since H. S. Thompson. But I side w/Bill Maher over Taibbi on Russian conspiracy. #1 Paul Manafort, once-head of the Trump Campaign, giving campaign info to Oleg Daraposka, who is a VERY CLOSE Putin ally #2 Flynn lying abt talking to Russians, #3 EVERYONE in the Trump Campaign lying abt talking to Russians, # 4 the Trump Tower/'Russian adoption' meeting w/the immediately-after number-blocked call by Don Jr, #5 Kushner's attempt to establish a secret back-channel w/Russia, #6:collusion in plain sight… "Russia, if your listening…!! What happens an HR later? Massive doc drop! #7 the Mueller Report establishing HUNDREDS of contacts between Russia & the Campaign! And I could go on…

  4. Matt Taibbi was talking about malfeasance and Ryan Grim deflected it into incompetence.

    For purposes of this discussion there is an enormous difference, and Grim was serving the intel community against the people.

  5. Do you really think that the CIA, DIA, NSA vet applicants to conform to Taibi's construct? They are patriots within institutions that have inertia and institutional cultures that are designed to be secretive in order to function. There is nothing wrong with questioning them but attacking them in favor of Russia is beyond the pale.

  6. Hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so much dumb eventually y’all will stop believing rags like The Hill, right? I mean, eventually you’ll have to realize it’s complete propaganda garbage, correct? Just food for thought.

  7. Well, Kim, lets not imagine that opinions were formed to simply Reject Anything Trump Said… (because if he said anything that benefited his opposition they would not deny it). Rather Trump said a string of pointed, very damning truths that hit them in their weak spots and it was THAT category of truths they opposed. Of course that he said these things made Trump greatly feared and hated. But lets not reverse cause and effect.

  8. For gods' sake please stop using the ridiculously confusing terms of 'right' and 'left' and watch your clarity and intelligence increase noticably… these terms never meant anything and mean less than ever… undefinable and ever changing they're just an excuse to divide the population in two by an essentially meaningless conceptualization.

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