Matthew Hoh Files Lawsuit Against NC Board Of Elections

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. I commend your stand for exposing government corruption.
    Interesting, just this morning I was thinking about whistleblowers who were labeled spies to attack their noble intents, to never hold the corrupt criminals accountable.
    The net result is what Lincoln warned … crimes not held to account will be repeated and will be worse.
    Bush gave us 911 that killed 3000.
    Trump walked in his footsteps and gave us a planned-demic that killed a half million while Trump was still in office, but a million dead is the last count.
    Truly, citizens need to recall we have a government BY THE PEOPLE…and that is us!

  2. I really don't know but I thought verification of signatures was suppose to occur at the county level not at the state board of elections? If the county verified and there was no evidence of county officials causing a fraud then the state level should approve. It would be interesting if any of the NC board of elections DNC members have any links or familial links to the democratic party senatorial candidate.

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