Matthew Hoh SUES Democrats! (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. In many cases it won’t hurt the Democratic Party because someone who votes 3rd Party will vote for another Independent candidate, write-in a name or refuse to vote if the choice is only between the 2 factions of the Corporate War Party.

  2. Majorie Taylor Green tweeted :
    July 14, 2022.

    " We should be leading negotiations for peace in Ukraine and working towards prosperity for all, not warning innocent people in NY about what to do in a nuclear attack "

  3. Sabby,..this is excellent reporting, and great news for those not stuck in the matrix. I like many people are more than ready for a third party, I just don't understand why this has not happened before. Look, Bernie Sanders well, I do give him credit for waking a lot of people up, but his role in this fight is over, and people have to understand that it is fire against fire, and don't bring your knife to a gun fight. I know we have not won anything yet but, we can't let dirty tricks, and road blocks stop us…"thank you Sabby"!😃💯❤👍👍👍👍👍

  4. wow, it's great new that Matt has decided to fight this, as he should. The bloody dems are snakes in the grass waiting to bite you on the foot. At the very least, the Repubs will look you in the eye while they deny you health care and take away your rights.

  5. Get real! They do not care because they've already corrupted "all" the boards that govern elections! Until those boards are replaced, which is VERY unlikely, there is NO chance that any 3rd party will EVER get a hearing a justice. The cards are definitely stacked against any party that challenges the "establishment" (Devious Dems or Repugs)!

  6. The Democratic party does not support democracy. Hell the Republicans run cleaner primaries than the Democrats do and they actually fear what their base thinks. Not so the Democrats they have super delegates and other dirty tricks to keep unwanted dirty unwashed people out. (Otherwise known as American citizens.)
    Ranked choice voting would be great which is why we will never get it. Kind of like healthcare.

  7. The idiots running the Democratic Party (most of whom are actually Republicans) are actually driving people into voting Republican or not voting at all. THEY are the ones helping Republicans to win.

  8. Republicans/confederates will do anything, anything to keep their stockpiled weapons of war for the day they can attack our government and or kill United States citizens.
    Scum cowards.
    Stop complaining and vote for your family interest no more guns, free education and Medicare for all.
    We don’t need another trillions in another aircraft carrier for the weapons manufacturer to make billions.

  9. With the staggering level of projection which takes place in this empire from the Dems, it now makes sense to me why they'd have been so obsessed with the notion of Russian hackers trying to interfere with our elections. It's because THEY, the Democrat Party, are the ones interfering with democracy here. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  10. Ralph Nader went through this also. The Democrats and Republicans challenged his petitions in every state, creating a legal nightmare for his campaign. His National campaign manager, Theresa Amato wrote a book titled "Grand Illusion". Very much worth the read.

  11. It's not that the Dems don't get it. It's that their livelihood depends upon them not getting it. It's what their wealthy owners want and demand.

  12. Just the idea that the opposing parties have any say in whether or not a competitor is allowed onto the ballot just drips and oozes of corruption! So sleazy and corrupt! People need to really wake up to how horrible and corrupt the Wall Street controlled duopoly truly is, they are both beyond reforming to represent the actual people again ever. They have sold their souls to the Wall Street legalized bribery money you never come back from that.

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