Mattias Desmet: It’s Time to Take a Stand

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  1. Have you, Matthias Desmet or anyone else perhaps looked into if having- or lacking an internal monologue ("inner voice") makes an individual more or less receptive to methods of mass-formation psychosis?

  2. This is excellent. Your guest's example of the different types of knowledge by reference to the French words savoir and connaitre is very valuable to English speakers, and your commentary about how scientists rationalize their way to the edge of the universe of knowledge, only to find that whatever's there is ineluctable was just the kind of poetic language that he spoke about, which scientists are compelled to use when trying to describe the atomic and subatomic world.

  3. That sounds like jehovas witnesses. I grew up jw and I hated it but it’s exactly how they believed this concept and was entirely their life. Thinking a new world would save them and bring them back to perfect world.

  4. Mattias is my new hero . I have used his theory of "mass formation" to make sense of adherents to leftist ideology . It seems to me that they are in a perpetual state of " mass formation" . It is the only way one can explain their beliefs ? Like men can become pregnant .
    Besides mass hypnosis how else can one explain beliefs that are clearly wrong and they know it , but still give nonsensical answers to questions the answer of which is evident to even children ?
    Plus the four necessary criteria for a mass formation to occur are always present in their lives . So to me it makes sense . I think it might to Mattias as well ?

  5. Between this interview and the one w CJ Hopkins, you have to have opened so many more eyes. My mind is blown after this one. I've been with you since the end of Jan 2020 when I was looking for answers I couldn't find. Thanks for all you do Chris. So much love and admiration for you.

  6. Thank you.

    Democrat ideology is subjugation of population through criminalization of one's mere existence. They won't stop until their death. But they will indoctrinate next generation of ideologs. We already lost. Majority is on that side. It is now fight or get indoctrinated. Do all old man die broken?

  7. Jiddhu Krishnamurti warned us about this in the 1970's . He truly was a spiritual and honest man who saw the truth of our problems. Very , very rare. Start with freedom from the known. Fantastic book especially for scientifically minded and those capable of questioning deeply.

  8. At 27.49 did he just mention Klaus Shawbs professor? Because it sounded like he did.
    The same guy that said ''Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit and nobody knows what's happening inside them, and they have free will – that's over''
    Red Alert

  9. It starts with the trauma induced mental illnesses caused by the trauma endured during neonatal genital skin amputation, EVERY CELL REMEMBERS!🧏🏽‍♀️👹

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