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  1. Sabby? Its all bout building value. 1+10=11 10-1=9 . what's the thing a racists does (devalue you). CRT creates more enemies . I'm a apolitical person + a cripple so my politics is keeping alive.😋

  2. Sabby if you want to see the republican sabby Kathy Barnett's watch this YouTube channel Steve Turkey "are the democrats destroying america" now I know guy is a toilet bug but hear the woman out.

  3. Sabby you should be a ambassador! You have already convinced me! You know greenies and survivalists do the same stuff but their ideas of economics are different.😋 13 billion yeas of capitlism is hard to break?😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  4. We just can't stay out of wars! Now we're PAYING for a Proxy War(until it's no longer Proxy!)! Ro Khanna is so disgusting, like ALL of them! #DCThugs!!! Are they all Mind Controlled, or Threatened, or Blackmailed, as soon as they get in that District Of Criminals/DC, or is it simply, No More than $$$$$$ & POWER, & this is the type of person that our disgusting system attracts, the Sellout Type?!?!!! What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?! #LetThemEatCake How much longer are we going to stand for their disgusting behavior, giving us these Big F' You's, right before our very eyes?!!! ANGRY?!!! How Dare You NOT be angry! No more #CRUMBS, damn it!

  5. Bill Gates, Zuckerburg and Black water buying up land? Probably they know and are preparing for what is to come, the eventual collapse of the US dollar. Because the only commodity that really matters, since time immemorial, is land resources. Our first nation brothers and sisters know this, that's why they care so much for nature and not for the 'ol mighty dollar. It's why we should also care for nature, but because we have been indoctrinated by religion and politics, we don't see reality for what it is – the taking care of our environment such that our planet Earth can keep on replenishing resources for us to live. It's why we should speak and discuss about overpopulation in a logical, rational and intellect based manner. So that our so called leaders of industry, our oligarchs and elites, do not go to extremes when they finally figure out that our world is overpopulated and hence start to depopulate "INSTEAD OF" addressing overpopulation with aplomb and respect for human life, fauna and flora. Meaning a global worldwide seven-year-birth-stop followed by strict birth regulation. A lot of folks may disagree with this and it's fine, but know that in mathematical terms exponential rise is what we are having with regards to overpopulation and when resources becomes limited, wars, pandemics, aggression and the crashing of the economy is the result. This is our reality and it has gone on far too long because we have been complacent, cowardly and shy in taking responsibility of our life in a right and honest manner. For far too long we have been valuing capital more than life, wisdom, peace, harmony, love and freedom. So it's time to change and make things better.
    So we must wake up, instead of being "woken up". We must stop believing in fantasy gods, saviours, gurus and high heroes who only sanctimonious dictate how to live life, but have no regard nor experience of how to be like the common folk. We the common folk are part of civilisation and society, we are the fogs that make sivilisation grow and be prosperous hence we must be and do what is right for ourselves, family and friends. But we can't do anything if we do not know how to think consciously for ourselves individually. So a recommendation then would be, to search for the writings and contact reports of an individual by the name of Billy Eduard Albert Meier – not to believe in what he says, but to discern, intuit, learn and gain insight of what information he provides so that we can avert the coming disasters that are all too present and may end us all if we are too cowardly to learn and not see. Myself, I learned of the individual since I had an interest in UFOs, but because his teachings is more interesting and I had gained a lot from knowing, I stopped believing and instead started to take responsibility towards my own thoughts and feelings. To either 'acknowldege something or not (instead of believing in something or not). Since if we start pondering, observing and testing our own thoughts and feelings, we start to recognise our mistakes, hence start to correct them, or if we can't then try avoid them when we see signs that we are heading the wrong direction. So each and every thought processes we are alert and also can reflect if what we do is correct or harmful to another individual. And if we do wrong, then we ourselves decide what we do, but also being aware of the laws of nature, such as cause and effect which we already know if we study the sciences in school.
    So if you, the reader, the listener, and the individual is lost, then a suggestion would be to search for BEAM because his thoughts and feelings is all about wisdom, reality and consciousness-energy evolution (i.e. what we mistakenly called in the past 'spirit' or "soul') to help and aid in our thinking capacity using logic, rationality and intellect.
    We must stop believing and start working on developing our cognitive skills. We must be knowing so that we don't blindly go off and sacrifice our children into war, agreesion, hate and apathy. Hence we must stop becoming sheep to those who play the game of manipulation. Our life is our own and in order to create a better society, it starts with a strong foundation of individual conscious thinking human being. A common folk who knows about true love, peace, freedom and harminy such that we don't tell another human being what to do any more, rather we start living by example. So that those who are aware can recognise and also dom and create life better through their own observations, trials and tribulations. Hence we must be mightful in our thinking and feeling and in order to do that, we must know how to think consciously and we must do the hard work of learning and hence becoming wise in wisdom. But only if we are able to be these things through our own conscious effort to learn individually, free from anyone's taunts, sanctimony, preaching or judging.

  6. Hey Ro… take a sandpaper covered d$@do and shove it up your @s$. As a working class person who RELIES on their vehicle to keep a roof over their head… go f$&k yourself.

  7. Everyone watch Jesse Ventura's interview with The Vanguard….Sabby please get Jesse…I believe he is the one that could be the bridge between the same class on different spectrums of the political isle.

  8. Wasn't Trump impeached over shady deals with Ukraine and weapons?? And the then we have evidence from Hunter Biden's laptop that there was shady stuff going on with him, his dad ( our current president) and Ukraine?? Coincidence?? NO WAY. I say occum's razor. The US government is so corrupt and both parties are to blame. Even the better Democrats like Ro Khanna are lame as. …. and leave me in despair. If we are to have any hope we need a 3rd party. Great show as always Sabby !

  9. The sanctions are a slight issue. The oil companies are price gauging. Saudi Arabia refuses to pump more oil. Why can't we stop supplying them weapons? Why not let Yemen just ravage the Saudis? We prop up the economy of Saudi Arabia, yet they refuse to do anything for us. Why can't we get oil from Iran? Send a clear message to the Saudis and go to Iran, their enemies and get oil.

  10. Progressive movement is being exposed as a fake sheep herding scheme to waste time looking for super heroes to save the masses. The real world is not like a comic book with super heroes. We need to help ourselves and stop looking for super heroes.

  11. SND call in, Lucky never called in to say anything of interest. So, she's a liar. I donated hundreds of dollars to SND over the years. They Use Glory over there. And, That's Despicable!!!! I hope she finds her True ppl someday. But, she's a lot like me at that age. I was coconut, Too! Men and even black men have an easier time talking to the racists. But, it's still not a genuine alliance. Racists have a long journey, daily of changing their mind and spirit. I've tried to Only help Sabby. That's it. I have No ulterior motives Whatsoever. I do the code changes in lingo, BECAUSE I'VE LIVED AND SPOKEN THEM ALL MY LIFE WITH GROUPS I'VE LIVED AND WORKED WITH. I HAVE THAT RIGHT! WHERE'S ROME?! DAMN IT!!!😂 I HAVE TO FIND THE FUNNY! EVEN WITH MY PPL😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'll forgive him. I am part Black!!!! It's a small percentage..BUT, STILL! YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!!!! okay, I'm done. Ima watch "Orange Is The New Black" all weekend. Preparing for possible imprisonment with my fellow lesbos!!😂😂😂😂😂😂✌✊💜💖💞💕

  12. Caller at 1:22 in had a good point. We need to start recruiting open minded conservatives. Neoliberals need to be ignored. They do not deserve our attention. Social Democrats like Bernie will always sabotage the real Left.

  13. Why are you just attacking Democrats? Here Roland discusses packing and cracking. But, you don't talk about gerrymandering? Here is another video by a White guy talking about it.

    Sabby you're going to get a lot of Republicans supporting your channel. That's what republicans do. Look at how they join up against the View, or call Biden, Brandon? But, Right-wingers have a lot of money. So, don't determine the likes and subscriptions as conformation that you are telling the truth. BOTH sides are part of the New World Order. What's happening between Democrats and Republicans is also happening all across Europe..

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