Max Blumenthal debunks US accusation of China’s ‘genocide’ against Uighurs

Max Blumenthal documents the deceptions behind the US government’s accusation that China is committing “genocide” against Uyghur Muslims in its Xinjiang region, picking apart NED-funded studies that rely on botched statistics and exposing extremist Adrian Zenz and his error-filled research.

This was part of a panel discussion held on March 19, 2021, hosted on Daniel Dumbrill’s channel:

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  1. Uighurs are treated better by the Chinese government than Americans in America are treated by their Democrats and Republicans regardless of who’s in the White House!

  2. Look, it’s possible 2 things are true:

    1. Us intelligence is unreliable, distorted and is used in service of a government for nefarious purposes.
    2. China is engaged in the systematic eradication of Uighur Muslims’ culture and population.

    Facts that are known and agreed on by both China and the US

    1. There ARE camps holding Uighur Muslims for the purpose of re-educating Muslims, teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture
    2. Birth rates in Uighur towns have plummeted astronomically. This was confirmed in official party statistics for the region.

    These two facts do tend to suggest that the US analysis of what is occurring in Xinjiang is credible, even if the US is no paragon of virtue.

  3. Zenz did a radio interview last year which you can find on the NPR site. I found the following line very bizarre considering his previous wild claims. ZENZ: I have long argued that the atrocity in the region is a cultural genocide, not a literal genocide. I do continue to believe that, generally speaking, the Chinese government does not intend to physically eradicate the Uighurs.

  4. Woow….uncle joe.. I have never seen u so passionate abt eny thingb4 even wen you become the leader of the free world….just woow..America ?? Love you

  5. Mr Max respect you for sharing your findings and hope more would go into this channel to find out more about the media twisted the facts about what China govt had constructed to make the life of the people better.. I have been traveling since I was teenager and could see the profound changes to the life of the people. My relatives used to received financial support from overseas chinese , now own houses , doing business and unemployment is unheard of ..
    Most of all China now is very safe for a woman like me to walk around at night alone . You must go to China to see for yourself ?

  6. Im confused. So because America is equally as corrupt that makes Chinas internment and re-education of Muslims not a cultural genocide? "Their not committing genocide because we commit genocide"? I get the hypocrisy thing but…

  7. You can’t get information like this,unless you look for it, if it weren’t for people like you thanks Max , really THANKS YOU AND THE GRAY ZONE!? for real journalism !

  8. This whole planet is ruled by sociopathic narcissists who don't believe in anything but themselves, and superstitious crazies who can do nothing but scream about the sky falling.
    Unfortunately this is the case because those two types of people are the most motivated to be in positions of power because they believe that their point of view is the only point of view that matters.

  9. Max, you are obviously oblivious to the fact that vaccines kill people one way or another. You are not capable of understanding, this is 2021 and you are clueless even though the creator Yahweh put it into the gematria which is impossible to falsify or fake. everything from "henry de worms" to this latest mrna gene manipulator garbage is all shown to be part of a depopulation agenda. Peer reviewed this and peer reviewed that means nothing to reality. Lots of white suit wearing scientisimists lie all day long, to themselves and then to their families and it does not matter how many idiots and liars agree on something, it cannot affect reality which you need to get a grip on buddy. 195 countries agreed on depopulation which is the paris climate accord, or are you completely unable to do the most simple math out there?

  10. All the CCP shills in the comment section praising Max makes me think maybe he got a few things wrong. Yes of course the US uses propaganda, do you think China isn't doing the same thing?

  11. They don’t care about uyghur muslim people or human rights, it’s just a pretext to start war. These people are insane. Their hypocrisy is so obvious.

  12. Comrade – is the social and cultural capital that you garner from wearing your limited edition LeBron James sweatshops swoosh boots so intoxicating that you are simply unable to look at Google earth? It ain’t Cancun – there’s clearly many places of austere barracks surrounded by very high fences that are near the most dismal looking obvious plantation complexes as well as clusters of tenement housing shanties nearby in clusters – just like American racialized extractive hierarchal agriculture is. The United States, China and India are the worlds largest and most reprehensible racialized caste social dominance extraction hierarchies and capitalism incentivizes it. The prognosis from perusing Google earth is not good, just more of the existing racialized social dominance hierarchy existing in the country and extracting its wealth and luxury from those in the bottom of the hierarchy, and I certainly would not want to accept an offer for employment there and I feel for anyone who has to work there. I know that sweat shop swoosh boots garner a lot of social and cultural capital that induces some awfully insufferable false consciousness for Eurasians in the sick racialist protorhodesia American Eurasian social dominance hierarchy since Christopher Columbus, but perhaps they should start to wean off that false consciousness.

  13. Women and girls who are trans face discrimination and violence that makes it difficult to even stay in school. According to the U.S. Trans Survey, 22 percent of trans women who were perceived as trans in school were harassed so badly they had to leave school because of it. Another 10 percent were kicked out of school. The idea that women and girls have an advantage because they are trans ignores the actual conditions of their lives.

    Trans athletes vary in athletic ability just like cisgender athletes. “One high jumper could be taller and have longer legs than another, but the other could have perfect form, and then do better,” explains Andraya Yearwood, a student track athlete and ACLU client. “One sprinter could have parents who spend so much money on personal training for their child, which in turn, would cause that child to run faster,” she adds. In Connecticut, where cisgender girl runners have tried to block Andraya from participating in the sport she loves, the very same cis girls who have claimed that trans athletes have an “unfair” advantage have consistently performed as well as or better than transgender competitors.

    “A person’s genetic make-up and internal and external reproductive anatomy are not useful indicators of athletic performance,”according to Dr. Joshua D. Safer. “For a trans woman athlete who meets NCAA standards, “there is no inherent reason why her physiological characteristics related to athletic performance should be treated differently from the physiological characteristics of a non-transgender woman.”

  14. Sooooo we’re gonna ignore China many many violations of human rights of people in their sphere and aggressions in Asia…? To be sure ?? shouldn’t be the one to fix it but this report seems one sided.
    Your question of the Christian dude wasn’t really a question at all but an accusation

  15. The U.S. started the practice of using covert drone warfare to bomb innocent people without any accountability, judicial oversight, or governance. The U.S. alone 100% created this precedence and practice. If ANYONE in the world does the same against U.S. interests, it is considered the worst possible crime by the U.S. Imagine how the U.S. would respond if someone else drone bombed innocent people like a wedding gathering or a funeral inside the U.S.?! They would launch WW3. 100% pure hypocrisy and failure by the U.S. military industrial complex in managing the world.

  16. I have a hard time believing things like "Stalin killed millions of his own people in purges" or "the great leap forward in China resulted in the deaths of millions from famine".

    How much reliable data do we really have on these supposed mass death incidents?

  17. This is almost as bad as the adverts that punctuate this. When one studies Chomsky and unquestioningly accepts his world view -the end result is the Grayzone. I mean, I respect the guy as a linguist but even one of his underlying theories -the LAD -is false. His political theories can be described in three words: white man bad.

  18. Thank you for this. The Uighur people actually receive a lot of preferential treatment from the Chinese government in regards to education and economic opportunities.

  19. Max, you have 'debunked' nothing. Rephrased in terms of the Third Reich, your so-called 'argument' goes like this:

    [1] Because a Christian fundamentalist nut-case in the US said there IS a holocaust, THEREFORE there is no holocaust.
    [2] Because we in the US have issues with OUR minorities, I prohibit you from accusing the Third Reich of having issues with ITS minorities. (And THEREFORE, because I don't like the way minorities are treated in the US, I know that there is no holocaust in Germany; it's all US government propaganda.)

    1,600+ others below may gush and fawn and adulate you (having been hypnotized by your metallic-blue cyborg-eyes that never blink and therefore tell the honest Investigative Journalists' Truth?), but I'm not buying.

  20. It really didn't need debunking. All wars are oligarchs' wars and anyone paying attention should know that by now. The govt has lied and used propaganda to get us into every war we've been in. Why would this time be any different?

  21. I always wondered why the lying girl did nothing to try and save any of the babies. She didn't try to hide them in their incubators. She didn't pick them up off the floor and put them somewhere warm like put them in a bed altogether to keep each other warm. She didn't even pick up two of them and hold them. She might have been able to save two of them. Who is that stupid? Thank goodness these babies never existed.

  22. You remind me of malcom muggeridge an apologist for tyrannical regimes. Condemning CCP atrocities does not excuse US atrocities, both things can be true at the same time.