Max Blumenthal: US Taxpayers Spend $61,000 A MINUTE On Propping Up Ukraine PROXY WAR

Originally aired 4/25/2023. Editor at The Grayzone Max Blumenthal about the latest developments in the Ukraine war. #ukrainewar #russia #lavrov

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  1. Best investment we made for a long time. Destroyed the Russian military for a fraction of the cost we spend just to prepare to do so every year. Sorry, Hill, your pal Putin is getting wrecked. Big explosion in Crimea today, cry about it 😭

  2. Lets remember Max, the U.S. was predicting that the Russians were going to roll over the Ukrainians 15 months ago. That didn't happen because the intelligence services had no idea how incompetent the Russians were.

  3. Just how does Max have such insight into the mind of the average American taxpayer with respect to the war in Ukraine? This appears to be a clear case of projection on his part.

  4. Lets not forget Max who it was that started an illegal war. Would Russia have any problem with the IMF, or would any Russian bank account be frozen, if Vladimir the Great had restrained himself?

  5. Sending equipment that sits in storage since the Gulf war doesn't cost the taxpayers anything. Even if it is accounted for as billions. Sending equipment that is at the end of shelf life also doesn't cost the taxpayers anything.

  6. Ukraine's spring expensive-sorry, offensive😅 is just an opportunity to dupe people into believing this money laundering exercise and wealth transfer was a benevolent act rather than just more shameless looting from the American people.

  7. ukrainian spring offensive is about to begin. watch the spectacle of death that we've encouraged and fully sponsor. I weep for the dead and pray for peace

  8. Please get Scott Ritter and or Douglas Mc Gregor on your show …..they are the experts on the military and geopolitical aspects of the Ukrainian, NATO, US – Russia conflict.

  9. "Russian T-14 Tank", says the UK who's Challenger tank has spent more time breaking down than in combat. The T-14 has many innovations including radar, ammunition and the ability to shoot down jet aircraft and helicopters, a reactive defense system the fires at and destroys incoming missiles and shells just before impact and small toilet for the crew to help them endure living inside a tank 24 hours a day in combat and not have to use bags or cans and throw it out the hatch like tankers have done for 100 years. British tanks have tea makers inside them.

  10. But for the record, yes the T-14 Armata has in fact faced a "slew" of manufacturing delays. Mostly due to first the Covid era trade and supply issues, then sanctions among other things, but whatever the US and UK govts might want to tell themselves about the T-14 Armata, it is still a modern, main battle tank loaded with night vision, new fire control systems and the latest in tank weaponry and armor. To suggest to our allies that this tank isn't another deadly tool for the Russian military to choose from, is only going to get more Ukrainians killed.
    To underestimate the enemy is the deadliest of mistakes to make in war, and Ukraine underestimates Russian military hardware to their own detriment.

  11. Well known today.. if Pence dd the RIGHT ACT on the J6 and Honestly Serve the country, Americans ,Ukrainian and Russian's today still enjoy the free and secure country… Now?? America?? Been Slaves by communists..? What about Ukrainians who has fled and scattred around at other country.. What about the ruin infrastructures, homes and thier economy???? Take it!!!! Its all because of you guys!!! Accept It!!!! That the TRUTH!!! GOT IT.. DIGEST IT!!… SERVE YOUR RIGYT THERE… Poor mentality.. Oh yea, not to forget… Ehat your wicked president has done so far??? Enjoy the Previlleges as 'head of the country'? Fledair force one here and there to topple their own pockets???? And how about the legal citizens which struggling each days for their own living today???? Is It WORTH TO HAVE SUCH CORRUPTED REP. ??? STILL CANT FOUND THEIR MISLEAD TILL NOW??? NO ACTIONS BEEN TAKEN UNTILL NOW??? STILL WAITING??? WAITING FOR COMMUNISTS PRESIDENT TO STEP IN THE SENATE BUILDING THEN YOU ALLS WILL REALIZED AND WAKING ???? YOU KNOW WHAT, NOW ALEADY TOO LATE…. VERY LATE AND FIF YOU GYPUYS STILL UNCONSCIOUS ENOUGH, AMERICA IS NO LONGER SUPER POWER, TRULY NOT ANY MORE… ITS GONE AND ONLY ART OF HSTORY… YOUR 'GREAT PENTAGON ' HAS BECAME "PENCEGONE" NOW… YOUR WEAPONRY BEEN STALK AND NUCLEAR WEAPONRY WAS HACKED… EVEN THOUGH ONLY THE SO CALLED PRESIDENT GOT THE EXCESS TO THE FACILITIES… ITS ONLY LEFT AS SPECULATION OR FAIRY TALE NOW…. GET IT.. SHOULD YOU ALL PROUD OF IT… PROUD NOW TO BE AN AMERICAN… SO WEAK…

  12. The ONLY result of funding war in the Ukraine, will be a bigger hole where their country used to be. This war ONLY benefits rich people, follow the money!!! Our politicians are in the pocket of the weapons manufacturing industry.

  13. Where was The Hill during Iraq and Afghan wars? US spends more than trillion per year on defense and security. Thats 2.7 billion per DAY. Max, you should be ashamed. If not, you back to school do math again. History lessons is also strongly suggested in you case.

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