Maxwell Found Guilty

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  1. The case against the guards has been dropped!!!! Gates, Clinton, Andy ect have all got away scott free as they have brushed it under the carpet!! Absolute travesty, the rich elite have got away yet again!

  2. Yet the intelligence agency who ran their mission to compromise our government officials so they can black mail them for more aid and to push said country's interest gets off free to use other agents to be said government officials new pimps.

  3. At 5 minutes in, did the guy on the left say that BLM would be holding signs saying "justice for ghislaine?" If so that's absolutely mental. Especially since the guy on the right was talking about MSM puff pieces lol

  4. I don't understand something and therefore it would be helpful if someone take time and explain it to me.
    The story and the plot is this:

    Epstein an influencial pedo allegedly commut suicide in a prison and now Maxwell his cohort is brought to face charges in her role in this. There are names of some of highly influencial people involved in this child sex crimes. There are prominent names already allegedly out, such as former president Clinton and Prince Andrew. Now here's where i am confused, the system that is tasked to bring this crime to light and prosecute the offenders are given to the Department of Justice, DOJ. A department that has been severely policitized and openly leaning left with now Biden's DOJ is running the department. What interest do they have in prosecuting Maxwell? Wouldn't that implicate influencial people who of the left such as Clinton? A democrat! If there's anything they would wanna do is to protect their own, haven't we seen enough of not a single person is brought to justice of the russian hoax? the FISA debacle? Hillary's personal e-mail account?

    If there's indeed something for DOJ to do, is to either silence her or grab her files and let her go to prison of which i have a weird feeling that she also will " commit suicide".
    I don't see justice her. I only see more lies to cover up lies. Don't trust anyone.

  5. There was no justice done here, the files have been resealed, the rich and famous have got away with it yet again, why cheer for one stupid woman being convicted, when the real criminals are the likes of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, not justice no matter how you look at it.

  6. It's not strange at all, the one you guys have is but hearsay.
    If it was released as a court document, the whole thing changes drastically legally speaking. Or so I think

  7. This is what happens when you don't bother doing any amount of inquiry before making a video. She could be out in 12 years, perhaps less. Quantity over Quality. You guys are becoming TYT, congrats.

  8. If Maxwell ever does give any indication of intending to squeal, I fear she would join Epstein in the same manner. That's how those people are. While I wouldn't mourn it, it would mean those slimeballs get away.

  9. If i were to guess, the diference is that she didn't say, offered candy to get minors in her van, the kid was not convinced to enter into Miss Maxwell Mystery Van, that could also mean kidnapping, instead of enticement.

  10. Being Epsteins lawyer doesnt mean Derschowitz is in any way criminal. He has defended criminals in the past.
    But him supposedly having done something to one of the victims? I find this really hard to believe. But dayum wtf if its true

  11. The body of a pope was once dug up for a trial, so unless Epstien was cremated it could still happen, but lets face it with 36 victims… Why not, In earlier days your crime could mean no burial on consergrated ground.

  12. Cameras are not allowed in federal courts. That's why they weren't in this trial. That being said, the resealing of evidence is an absolute travesty. The fbi has had hunter's laptop for 2 years now and still nothing. Sadly, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on anything else to come from this. Money and power win every time.

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