Maxwell Gets Sentence Reduced


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  1. Let’s not forget how videoed and followed the Kyle rittenhouse trial was a few months prior and how televised the Johnny Depp one has been a few months after.
    Hmmm but this one were not allowed to know anything about

  2. In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate.
    In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law to pursue a natural justice.

    This is not vengeance; revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance, punishment.

  3. what's the name of that show with Guy Fierie, you know, where he eats food at businesses that sell food?
    Because he want to a pizza place he described as "out of this world." And showed the basement of this pizza place.
    I'd like to see that episode.

  4. If individuals could simply name names in exchange for a lighter sentence you'd have an endless stream of the accused and no justice. Your reaction is exactly why they have to keep cases such of these held up and away from the mob. You imagine you are cutting and insightful however in reality you are just another with zero knowledge of the truth who is prepared to perpetrate mob justice so that you can pose for the mob you'd incite. Justice doesn't work that way and you of all people should know that.

  5. I honestly think Jeff was the puppet and she was the operator. Her dad's ties to mossad and the honeytrap tactics they are known for seems simple. Why we aren't getting the tapes and names is the real controversy

  6. Joe from the YT channel Good Logic was covering it. The issue was the it was in the federal court which doesn’t allow televising or recording of trails to/for the public. Which is retarded because it is almost like the feds don’t want you know what their up too.

  7. She tried naming people shortly after she was arrested. To her surprise nobody will listen. No point naming names when the establishment don't want to hear it

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