MAYHEM: Biden Supporters Accost Elderly Woman Outside of the RNC

This was very disheartening to see. I don’t understand how everyone after the RNC was cool with walking out into the mob. This could have been a whole lot worse. Not that unpopular of an opinion: THESE PEOPLE ARE POSSESSED BY DEMONdS.







Written by Fleccas Talks

I'm trying to tell the stories the MSM ignores. This channel should be called "Fleccas Listens


  1. Check out these American loving and peaceful protesters at the end of the RNC showing us all what it is to be a true patriot…..jk. Ask yourself. Can you honestly support this? Are you even aware this is constantly happening in our country today? Do you know a majority of these criminals are coming from other cities to burn and cause chaos with political motivation. Would you be proud to have friends like this? Are you going to take a stand against political intimidation due our politicians not protecting citizens and those who serve the people from harassment in our nations capital and democrat run cities across the country? Soley because they are losing control of the narrative. Are you certain your on the right side of history this election? We do not live in a country full of racists, our President is not a racist and I know we are all better than this. Way too many emotions and not enough facts and follow through. I know politics is very convoluted and most don't have time to follow as close as others in their busy lives with families and want to trust the talking heads have our best interest at heart, but they are fighting against our best interest. We are truly at a tipping point where we have a chance to bring those who have abused the power entrusted to them by the people for decades to justice. TRUE JUSTICE TAKES TIME!!! Not just bombarding the public with leaks and lies to fuel the mobs emotions like they did with the the impeachment trial which was a partisan hack investigation in which an FBI lawyer(already pled guilty) falsified documents to the FISA courts to SPY on Trump and everyone in his campaign. The whole pee dossier was unverified garabage paid for by Hillary Clinton. Obama and Biden new about this!!!! They still failed to find any evidence with the ability to listen in on phone calls and digital media messages of the Trump campaign throughout the election. We are quick to make judgement off manipulated media to paint our president in a bad light constantly without any of the facts coming out. They take cuts such as "grab them by the Pu$$×" to make judgement on the man's character and ignore what he does everyday to fight for the American people. The same way these mobs take to the streets without knowing the facts when a black man is killed by the cops. They are turning rapist and convicted felons into Martyrs as if they were freaking Martin Luther King Jr. and it is disgusting. If we succumb to a mob rule and give up our rights to due process and innocent until proven guilty we will all become slaves to whoever controls the media narative. But in light of the constant attacks we have politicians willing to risk their lives walking through crowds like this with No Police in sight to fight for us and for what is right! while those that call for the defunding of our police, while they retain their own private security, hide in their basements on zoom calls blaming others for the hatred they have created throughout the nation. This toxic media is boosting our enemies and silencing our allies so we don't have these discussions. We are all human beings and we are all AMERICANS!!!! I dont want to see anyone on either side treated this way. We need law and order.. Not anarchy in the streets to intimidate your political opponents. Stand up for what is right this election. The world is watching us. Violence isn't the cure for ending hatred towards one another, but unifying to the reality that we have been lied to and manipulated constantly with targeted media to fuel animosity towards one another and our amazing President may be a good start. TRUMP 2020.

  2. Its sad how divided you are in the US. I've seen clips of crying over Obama wearing a tan suit and ofcourse Trumps drinking water with two hands. That's ridicilous. The problem with your Police is a example of that. You don't train your police properly and then surprisingly they make a fuck ton of mistakes. Then the other team thinks that you should abolish the police and other thinks that there is not even a problem.

  3. "Bye, see you later, thanks for coming, now watch out for the Race War"

    – I had to pause the video to laugh.

    You remind me of Tom Segura, except better because you know what BLM really stands for and you don't have to reign anything in. And you're genuinely funny. OK enough compliments.

  4. I find it funny all these old white folk just calmly and confidently strolling through the screaming lunatics as if they don't give a f@ck. Who are the ones looking scared here? Oh right it's the basement warriors. All 80 pounds of them.

  5. Eight years of Obama let this fester unquestioned and unhindered. Man gave himself a Peace Prize for authorizing drone strikes on villagers.

  6. Along with your new gun purchase and training class i would also suggest purchasing a fashionable Level III or higher body armor. It probably won't seem that weird if we are all wearing a vest. yeah…..and you're going to want to install some motion detection lights and cameras for the home. if it's in your budget consider an alligator infested moat too. a madmax styled armored vehicle would be useful for those rioter clogged traffic intersections. Vote Trump and ummm good luck everyone?

  7. Congratulations "Protesters" you have literally been caught on video acting, sounding, and straight emulating animals in the jungle! You are accomplishing NOTHING! ( well nothing but more people hating YOU).

  8. Pure evil is correct dude. They've been let off their leash by the media & leaders. These asshats should be rounded up in paddy wagons and thrown in a very deep dark hole. Then you have Hillary raging about sedition and promoting violence. This is why people on both sides are arming up. #Unreal

  9. Good vs Evil! This election is choosing values of God or values of satan! I am choosing to vote for the first time this year for Trump! Jesus really os coming soon!

  10. Tough guy. piece of ? . Remind me please ? Who are the fascists ? Soros Obama BLM Antifa marxists $ is pumped in 'n supporting this nonsense. Next time – Bring in N' Guard or Military to protect American citizens . They will scatter like cockroaches 'n ? their pants. G F Y . tough guys .