Mayor of NZ embarasses mainstream media journalist

Mayor of NZ embarrasses mainstream media journalist
Sandra Goudie is a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of woman!
She stands up for her rights and the rights of others.
This interview is thoroughly enjoyable 🙂


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  4. Coromandel, a truely beautiful part of the world being led by a truely classy Mayor. As a Kiwi living in Aus, my home country has been pretty embarrassing in recent years but this gives me hope that there are still some free thinkers left in the land of the long white cloud.

  5. What a relief to have someone like Sandra Goudie in a position of influence across the pond… It seems like communists have the country in a complete stranglehold (just like OZ…)

  6. 18 months ago TLAV and Whitney Webb were commenting on today's, now agenda of the mess were in, and majority were laughing at them.. false narrative they said, fake news…..wish my mum would jump out of Dementia for a short time to hear you ladies, she would be along side you both on a posse for purpose…

  7. Digtal passports being penalized for such is beyond a sane reality, people do not need permission to Live. And even worse when these TITLED folks expect you all to be subjected to their masters.

  8. Australia has taken a step back 50yrs, back then it was white citizen and the second class black citizen, now in 2021/22 it will be the so called "Vaccinated" vs the "Un-vaccinated" and the worrying part is most Australians are ok with that

  9. This seems backwards if we have(in Canada) laws that already cover this exact situation then why is it up to anyone exercising their rights and expecting their laws to be upheld to show the law enforcement that the laws be upheld? It should be these crooks trying to prove to us to use their product

  10. Great Mayor – appreciate your correct righteous resistance – these enemies of all of us are "give them an inch and they take a mile" – these local globalist coward boot lickers trying to destroy us have to be resisted and removed!

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