Mayra Flores RED WAVE Alert! (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. imgrants do not welome more imgrants its the last thing they want there competing for the same jobs so the last thing a mexican wants is more mexicans to compete with

  2. They are also losing the blk vote. They thought putting Kamala Harris 's face up there would be all they needed to do to have the black vote in the bag. Joe Biden"s '"you ain't blk if you don't vote for me" was the final insult

  3. Democrats have nothing but woke shit to fall back on, even in the worst of economic situations. And now it's blowing up in their faces. Most people there in Texas are probably too broke to woke.

  4. So your analysis is that Latinos are turning away because the democrats didn't deliver on the leftist view of immigration reform? Looool no

    Its the nonstop focus on abortion and other boutique leftist causes. It turns out that Catholic majority cultures don't want to worship trans people. Crazy stuff I know.

  5. I suspect that Joy and Whoopi accepting the imminent Red Wave would mean they'd have to also accept that the Biden administration has done jack-shit according to their campaign promises.

  6. Malcolm X warned us. If you vote with liberals, you vote against your ppl! Biden and Clinton are kkk students. Why would the first black president need them to continue his legacy?? Plus, jersey has always been conservative! Even the black ppl here! It only changed when ppl were furious with Christie! Murphy can go now!!

  7. Leftism has too many internal contradictions to defeat capitalist liberalism. Research Fourth Political Theory. It explains how Putin is defeating the West & how humanity can prevail over totalitarianism.

  8. One county in Texas flipped to red, yet in this last election the state of Georgia flipped blue. Also, currently progressives are winning in Chicago. It seems to me that it’s not really a red wave, but more like a change in regional demographics. I could be wrong though…

  9. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of Latinos in America bougie and align themselves with the status quo. Not democrats, and definitely not Green Party progressives either. It’s because leftist Latinos aren’t the ones usually immigrating here..l

  10. OK, but, net-net, how does this make any real difference? 🤷🏿‍♂️ (“Red or Blue, they don’t give a hoot about you!” Actually, the Dems are worse! You can look it up!).

  11. I don't think they care. The Dems have their little enclaves and "moderate Republican" suburban voters. That's all they want. They're not doing anything anyway, because they're incoherent as a party, but the GOP actually wants to accomplish things — terrible things, but they have goals, most of which the Dems agree with btw. Also, libs often conflate latinos with black people and everyone else non-white and put them into a big pile called "POC" which was always silly — they have entirely different histories of oppression in America compared to black people. But the libs are slowly starting to learn because the idea that they could just sit back and let the country change and have some "permanent Democrat majority" is proving to be the pipedream it was all along.

  12. Republicans – We wont offer you anything and change anything if you vote for us! Democrats – We will offer you everything and change everything if you vote for us…and then do nothing like the Republicans! Which is worse?

  13. Why would you assume Latinos would vote democratic when historically they vote at 30 percent for Republicans. Secondly Latinos really aren't monolithic. Are we going to pretend Cuban and Mexican voters necessarily have the same interests? Line Whoopi but her politics are awful

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