McConnell FOLDS On Debt Crisis After CEOs FREAK OUT

Krystal and Saagar provide updates on the looming debt ceiling crisis now that big business CEOs have gotten involved in the stalling negotiations between McConnell and congressional Dems

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  1. Hey! Is this the same backstabbing Mitch McConnell who threw away at least one of the 2 GA special elections by forcing through a massive expansion of the H1B Visa program, via unanimous consent? You know…bacl when tens of millions of Americans were out of work? It'a so funny how MM so thoroughly betrayed his own voters and the half-witted Republican voters sit there wondering why they are failing electorally.

  2. Can't give you a "like" for this one, you guys are drifting more and more to the Bernie and Yang camp. I still appreciate your actual journalism and reporting of the full breadth of content (or a fuller version, at least) of the news.

    But minting the Coin is a no brainer?? Just because the mostly-uninformed public will barely notice it as it happens and will get back to kids and work and whatnot does not make it a good idea. Inflation is a massive threat, and removing the cap on "spending" (we should really call it borrowing) will only encourage the losers in DC to continue to win votes by giving free stuff to dumb people. And McConnell folding on the Ceiling WAS a big deal, but not for the reasons you listed. All he did was literally kick the can right alongside with Nancy and Schumer and all the rest of the career grifters.

    Hard choices demand diligent discussions and sometimes severe cutbacks. The American people deserve better from their leaders, and from the folks in the Media who report on these topics. I'd love to think that Americans would delve into the FOIAs and read the publicly available bills but we don't. We pay you guys (through ads and Patreon and membership, etc) to read it and summarize it for us.

  3. This not news. The dept ceiling is theatre.
    Two parties that cant be fiscally responsible leverage the shutting down of government against raising the debt ceiling. Since WW2 your close to 100 times, they have raised it.

  4. Where are these polls
    Blue cities or CNN watchers ???
    I like The good incite provided but these Polls and popular . let's get real because neither house holds a overwhelming majority
    So how is 51/ 50 a huge majority and to say the whole country is on board with these overreaching spending programs

  5. I come here to hear a different perspective. Not that we need to keep the system afloat ya morons. We need a financial reset. That’s a fact weather you realize it or not. Keep cheering for them to kick the can down the road. The system is only going to fall harder once it does. Minting or any other bandaid is only going to hold for a few months. How about you guys call for change and real adjustments to the system. Y’all a little too cozy. Seems like I’m still watching the hill. Remove the bandaids guys. Stop doing what fauci did. Lying to feel comfortable. Mint the coin 😭 such a stupid fake gimmick. They’re not going to do it. So debt is fake basically? Lol we can just mint a coin and fix it?

  6. You're both showing your true colors here. Minting a coin to keep us afloat for a couple of months is not the right idea. I'm incredibly tired of this debt ceiling talk Here's my solution: just let it all fall apart. I'm tired of the this kabuki theater. .

  7. people act like congress is going to go without a paycheck when did we ever default or not raise the debt ceiling …i think the answer is never

  8. Democrats would rather just get the debt ceiling raised rather than actually revoke the filibuster and then also raise the debt ceiling. Make good on threats, it’s basic politics. Would we rather deal with the filibuster for 50 more years or just get it removed and have democracy work

  9. So, Democrats need all democrats on board in order to raise the debt ceiling. Sounds like an opportunity for progressives to use their leverage to fight for the people.

    Haha, just kidding, sounds like an opportunity for progressives to do whatever biden wants again.

  10. This stuff isn't good by the way. The way the US is handling it's finances is unsustainable. They way it is handling it's society is unsustainable. The 26 richest people having as much wealth as the bottom 4 billion is not sustainable. That money came from somewhere and is mostly sitting around and being traded between billionaires, doing little to stimulate the real economy. Raising the debt ceiling to eleventy gazillion is not a solution, the debt ceiling itself is just theatrical garbage, it has to be raised and they will raise it. It might as well not exist but driving yourself into debt oblivion is not a sustainable way forward in perpetuity.

  11. He didn't fold he just extended the amount of time and number of opportunities that he could use the issue. He knew that he will have to cave at some point but now he can do it all again in 2 months.

  12. Everyone laughs at the concept of sonic weaponry.

    But they are crowd control tools, they are used by cruise ships against pirates in open waters, they are seen as "less lethal" which means "not meant to kill you, but not guaranteed not to".

    But it has been used as a weapon for two decades or more

  13. I saw "debt crisis looms" and about had a heart attack. I thought they were finally going to admit 29 trillion dollars in debt is a crisis but then I realized they think NOT taking on more debt is the crisis.

  14. The way Americans assess a candidate, the truth is that if the pandemic hadn't hit Trump would have been reelected no matter what his drawbacks and if the virus backs off enough to allow a true bounce-back in the economy then Biden will get a second term no matter how long his list of stumbles. The attention span seems to only expand as far as "what's on my plate right now and how much did it cost to fill my gas tank."

  15. All theater to distract from the fact that the bill that will pass is now so watered down it will do nothing, that we still have the filibuster, that the peoples act to protect voters rights and get big money out of politics is never going to pass, that taxes on the rich will not be increased although that was a joke as they have so many loop holes none of them pay taxes anyway, that they are now giving the IRS the right to snoop in your bank account so they can take even more money from you, that it is business as usual where the bought and paid for Dem and Rep party continue to serve the 1% and continue to transfer all wealth to them as they create a working class slave and dismantle the middle class.

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