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  1. I love this whole you're racist if you don't want to fuck someone of a particular race lol, so I guess I'm a homophobe that I don't want to bang another due as well? No, leftists I'm sorry but my body my choice, fuck off.

  2. Get rid of choke holds? Coming from someone who has done the job please understand that in a fight you do what you have to do and applied properly its a safe effective way to handle these situations.

  3. I really haven't heard anything about rioting in Texas, maybe it's because the people are more polite, maybe it's because they're more heavily armed (or maybe one has a lot to do with the other).

    If any Texans read this, care to inform my ignorance?

  4. These cities are controlled by Democrats that have no back bone and President Trump wants to send in the National Guard they argue with them about it there’s against the constitution

  5. Sounds like a lot of Black People (NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE) need to be sent to Africa so they can "Be with their own kind" just like they want. After all, surely their fellow Black People from their African Motherland will understand them better than any of us North American folk. (Can we get an ETA on reviving MLK to comment on all this stupidity by the way?)

  6. When all this autistic rioting going on in America finally settles? I'm gonna be so excited to laugh my ass off at the idiots winging about why their taxes have skyrocketed and now they're in severe financial debt and how it's gonna somehow be Trump's fault even though they themselves are the sole reason to blame because they're the one torching buildings and destroying a bunch of infrastructure.

  7. ? I live in the US, and I've been seeing PSA-like advertisements with "# Solidarity" and shit in them but there is currently a show playing on the Discovery Channel is called "The Reckoning: Why We hate"! What the FUCK?! At what point do we say that our nation is under an urgent and coordinated subversive attack, organize, and arm up, and mobilize..?! This shit has gone WAAAY too far!