Meanwhile in Australia *PART 31* ?

Well this is just getting embarrassing … wonder what the rest of the world thinks!!! Linda is back for a therapy session!!!

Merch ?

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Written by Jimmy Rees


  1. I caught my seven-year old watching YouTube today. I told him no and pulled the plug on the computer (old school!!)
    He became indignant and said, “you watch YouTube all the time!”
    I told him I didn’t.
    To which he said, “you DO! You watch that weird coronavirus guy with an owl friend!”

  2. I just thought of the NZ equivalent!
    NSW would be Auckland.
    Victoria would be Wellington
    Nowhere else in NZ has covid so I couldn't think of other cities hahaha.

  3. I'm an American who has been to Australia. One thing I noticed with Aussies is their sense of humor is freaking unpredictable. You never know what is coming up….and, because of that, it made my vacation Down Under so memorable.

  4. with your part 32 please please please try to work in a skit to do with the ski field
    when we heard we were shutting at 1pm on saturday you shouldve seen it
    every man and his dog in a mad scramble to get on the lifts for one last ride before all the lifts closed at 12:30 in victoria
    it was great

  5. Inaccurate. I say this purely on the basis that I’m a fellow Victorian and I actually cried at the end of this video. The despair was real, and so was the anger at that stupid illegal party. Can confirm: I still had tears. But it is ridiculous how much this whole thing has been. This lockdown has already been the hardest, which is crazy given how long we were in lockdown last year.

    I’ve also had a bad experience with a psychotherapist named Linda, but that’s neither here nor there ?

    Poor Tassie ‘can you hear me’, and I can’t blame NT ‘leave me alone’. I honestly don’t know how the other states haven’t just completely abandoned NSW & VIC at this point. Why haven’t they evicted us from Australia yet …?

  6. You really need to write a 'Meanwhile In Australia parody of the High School Musical song 'We're All In This Together'. If you listen to the lyrics, it practically writes itself. Each state can have its part and it could be the uniting anthem Australia desperately needs. ??