Meanwhile In Chicago…….


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  1. LEFTISTS: I am SO O-O-O compassionate. I don't see ''illegal immigrants'' and so-called ''anti-social'' people as a problem. Send all those ''problematic'' people to me!
    – People cause a problem –
    LEFTISTS: Who will take this problem off my hands?!

  2. I am from TEXAS…. The migrants are ASKED where they want to go, and are helped to get there. They are not forced. Miss Lightfoot, aka Beetlejuice, deal with it…. The migrants she receives are but a mere fraction of the mess that is going on down at the border. I honestly don’t know HOW they are feeding, sheltering and keeping the migrants cool and well…. The worst thing is that these migrants are given NO work visas… how are they to survive if they can not work legally? …. THAT is racist, and it’s not TEXAS… it’s the Federal government. They need to put them on Air Force one and send them back to their home countries. There are NO countries with open borders… NONE.

  3. How does that IT get to keep her Position? Oh I know cause she's black and a lesbian . She's so racist an hateful period, Its actually appalling what she gets away with.

  4. Democrats want an insurrection invasion of more than 200,000k per month illegals/criminals only into Texas, Arizona, NewMexico but doesn’t want to share in the burden of illegals /criminals into democrat run States & cities 🤬

  5. If there is a silver lining, it’s this: the people that vote for these politicians will remain In their utopia and criminals leave states like Texas and Florida for greener pastures in Illinois.

  6. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser,
    NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot have declared that illegal immigrants are flooding their cities and are out of control as they are straining the systems.

    A note to these Marxist Socialist Democrats regarding the untenable invasion of illegal aliens that are causing insurmountable problems for cities and states especially on the border and now reaching DC, NYC, Chicago and cities across America.

    Lori Lightfoot says keep them in Texas and not in her backyard!
    Typical Sanctuary City

  7. OMG. Beheading in a city during daylight! That's what happens in third world countries. I could say they deserve it because they voted Democrats craziness but really do those children deserve it. People vote them out in California.
    Here in Alaska we are going strong in voting out Democrats leaders. They are all about themselves. Ours want to give all rights to Alaska natives which comprise of 16% in the state of Alaska and nothing to the rest of us living here. That's 84% of Alaskans she's not listening too. We were going to vote for her because Trump is supporting her. But after reading a couple of pieces on her I refuse. Natives are very selfish. They get monthly dividends, free housing, free lawyers, free vehicles, free hospitals, ect and everything the rest of us gets. Very selfish people. Then they beg to us. No. Not unless they level the playing field. By God they get free colleges, they are also first to be hired and promoted. No. No natives will I ever vote for unless they start thinking like Americans…which is everyone gets helped not just a few because they are native Alaskans. Remember they came over the straight A thousand years ago. So they have not always been on this land like they would have you to believe. They are not originally come from here just like you and I.

  8. Whatever happened to the days of political assassination?, Beetlejuice here and the other Dems NEED it, Criminals should NOT be sympathized with, but makes sense I guess since these Democratic leaders are criminals themselves…..

  9. socialist-communism has always been affiliated with anarchism and nihilism. Destroy the structure and introduce themselves as the saviors from the chaos and ruin. Create a blank slate from the destruction and impose their own image of leftist ideology. It happened in the soviet, Spanish civil war, cuban, venezuelan, chinese CCP, north korea…………………..

  10. What's really racist is to assume that the only people coming across the border are NON-white. But I'm glad Lightfoot bused them to that affluent community (hopefully leftist community). Lightfoot is right when she said what Abbott did was inhumane. Yes, it's inhumane to send these people who thought they were escaping crime and cartels only to be shipped to Chicago which is worse! Now, THAT is inhumane!

  11. The big Money Bankers Know that fools and their Money go separate ways….Big money will sweep up what the Fools have left behind. But then if you have the bigest dikus. You are automatic a fool. Coming to a Democrat area close to you. LET GOD SORT THEM OUT. Time of the Preacher is over………….

  12. How is our governor racist, it's more compassionate to send them to sanctuary cities that voluntarily labeled themselves as such. We can't take care of that many people, that's why Texas has no sexuality cities. It's amazing how bring the list these sheeple are.

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