Meanwhile in England….

London, England

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

P A T R E O N –

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

#London #England

Written by John Talks


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  1. Here in Australia they would mow down the protesters using anti terrorism and riot squads and mainstream media would call the protesters right wing extremists.

    Keep fighting or you'll end up where we are.

  2. Meanwhile at the globalist headquarters- “The coof fake is failing, quick, roll out the manufactured food and fuel shortages. Have the msm and parliament shills announce the new “Carbon Pass,” needed to purchase fuel for key workers. We’ll lock these plebs down one way or another this dark-winter.”

  3. They have decided that our kids 12-15 can have the jab at school without parental permission!! My 13 year old daughter doesn't want it and knows I don't want her to have it either and thankfully she's strong enough to refuse it. It's outrageous as every other jab they have til they are adults always has consent from the parents. This was decided by our dopey Boris and friends after our official vaccine people said to not give it to children!

  4. If you google covid charts, you can see Florida dropping big time. Probably had a high turnover over of retired folks though. Everybody has a point. The problem we face is whether We want to drag out the end result for years to come. I believe that postponing natural heard immunity could give more time for other variants to pop up.

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