Meanwhile, In Portland…

Rousseau’s savage explains Portland.

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  1. Odd that violent crime has increased following a gorilla protest occupation glorifying a violent criminal who died of a massive drug overdose. You'd think that'd have ended up so much better.

  2. Funny that they use the same tactic as the american army in Afghanistan, ie giving money to the rebels so they'd stop fighting…Yeah it turned out brilliant didn't it?

  3. 8:29 I agree with them. The drug addicts don't have enough drugs, they clearly are still alive, they need more drugs, to have an overdose.
    Why don't the government just make an improvised camp outside the city and give all the drugs that people want.
    That would make the problem solve itself.

  4. Just want to say all Britons are welcome come US. Well, despite our govt, therefore my point. Start your papers yesterday. You can at minimum defend yourself here in 85% of the country, compared to….what exactly in England?

  5. I live about 70 miles away from Portland. My family and I used to enjoy visiting the city from time to time … about 20 years ago. Ever since all this madness began, we've avoided it like the plague.

    It used to be such a nice city.

  6. Over 650,000 residents a vast majority of gun violence is committed by 200 people? And their grand solution is to give them money? Who's going to pay for this?

  7. Send more there, defund the cops, neuter the local justice system and focus on race. I want to see that city condemned, fenced off and made the example of modern progressive policy.

  8. I don't feel sorry for the people of Portalnd, they had it too good for too long and created these problems themselves and they are doing NOTHING to solve any of them. These types of people who constantly expect someone else to fix their problems without doing anything to sort it out themselves don't deserve help or sympathy.

  9. There's something cringe and tone deaf about two white guys that have never experienced the type of racism that could end their life.

    Not all black people are innocent
    Not all black people are guilty

    It's also not in every corner of the country equally across the boards.

    Some states are worse than others.

    Not all cops are murderous racists
    Not all cops are operating with the beat of intentions

    There is nuance to this. It's not something that should be laughed at and brushed aside.

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