Meanwhile, in the Scottish Parliament…

The Scottish parliament recently held a debate on solidarity with anti-racism. You know exactly what that means. The Karens have taken over.

Watch the full thing:

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this mate. I wasn't aware of this pish going through our parliment, there is no real racism in scotland, not whites v blacks v pakistani v indian v polish v czechs v germans v french v russians v americans etc.. We don't care what race you are, what religion you are, where you come from. We only care that you want to be part of scotland, to work here, pay taxes here and to live here in peace. If you bring any other kind of agenda.. well you'll face the consequences of trying. And tryin is all you'll get. It is true that in the past we have had rich houses who got rich off slavery.. but that was over a hundred years ago and noone alive today can be blamed for it. What does get me tho, is this blm bandwagon soapbox pish they like to jump on.. say something against israel and we're anti semits.. say something against iran we're islamophobic.. say something against africa and we're racists.. it's bullshit. None of it is true, we're not racist, we know what it is like to be at the brunt of racism because we've had to deal with it, not from hundreds of years although that is also true.. but during ww1 ww2 and for the last 40-50 yrs..

    Scotland has been the backyard of England.. this is why the Snp got into power.. because of Racism against Scots. We were sick of it and for our gross ignorance we voted in the snp.. now we're suffering for it. I have all types living around me, convicted criminals, bank robbers, drug dealers, you name it, they live here.. we're of all nationalities and cultures, religions and so forth.. there is no racism here. Sometimes the odd fight, a midnight screaming match or some other barney goin on. But absolutely no racism.. because tbh.. noone can be arsed with it. Come to Scotland, live here, become like us, remember your own traditions.. live in peace. And for gods sakes.. ignore everything said in Hollyrood.. They do not represent Scotland.

  2. We live in the least racist time in history so whats the next thing we need to fix guys????

  3. Better sell your expensive old properties in Scotland , with the leaders saying they were built on slaves suffering. Won't be long until they are "attacked".
    Lol at that "low information" guy watching the notoriously fake CNN.

  4. If they want more black Scottish politicans in parilament then why did they run in the first place?

    Manipulative lying Hypocrites.

    I'll believe them about wanting more diversity when they step down and refuse to ever run for office again.


  5. The reason why racism exists is because these stupid people are talking about racism all the fing time & blaming white people as well. If people want racism to end, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

  6. Mans humanity towards everything animals, the earth, other humans we just can’t help ourselves. We have no respect for anything, you cannot demand people to be respectful or to feign respect. It will end when we end sadly. Vote gathering one wonders.

  7. These people are a joke. No-one in Scotland believes in them. Don't allow them any more power. Look at they mess they have made of it so far. They prefer to grandstand than to actually do anything of real note. In Scotland we have separate schooling for Catholics and Protestants. Our society is divided not by race but by sectarianism and that starts in our schools. The sectarian bigotry on each side is enormous and pervades our society. It is similar to Northern Ireland, people were fighting in the streets of Glasgow last year during rival marches. The world knows that Celtic is supported by Scottish Roman Catholics who tend to support Irish Republicanism and who hate the queen while Rangers is supported by Protestants who support the union and the royal family. What are the politicians doing about that? Absolutely nothing. They are obsessed with racism and thought crimes while turning a blind eye to the real problems in our society.

  8. Artic Wolves – White
    Artic Foxes – White
    Baby Powder – White
    Baking Powder – White
    Boild Eggs – White
    Human Bones – White
    Cocaine – White
    Cotton Buds – White
    Cottage Cheese – White
    Pool Cue Ball – White
    Dental Floss – White
    Ghosts – White
    Snow – White
    Snow White – White
    Mayonnaise – White
    White Heather – White
    The Cross on the Saltire – White
    Scotland 94% White
    Humza Yousaf – Nasty wee racist?

  9. Anti-Racism is an Oxymoron. it is racism to people that support western civilization. they have gone from Brave Heart to Fearful Heart. You can either be equal or Fair you can not be both. it is anti american propaganda network for the democratic party. It seems like the people that don't like white people are light skinned ethnic people. the institutional racism in america is put in place to benefit minorities and women. when we had institutional racism people have fought to repeal it and reformulate policies to make them more general.

  10. How about a national holiday in which processions of self flagellants beat the impurities out of themselves, after which they beat impurities out of books, statues, houses, street signs, etc.

  11. 'Diversity'? Let's have an equal playing field. Can these same politicians go to countries eg. Pakistan and certain other countries in Africa or wherever and see how many 'white' people are in positions of government or the media or any other positions of authority there? If they discover that there isn't any can they campaign for 'diversity' there and then come back and let us know how they got on?

  12. It's so weird that people in the UK and around Britain are always talking about like one of the biggest exports of the US was KKK members that set-up shop in these countries and have operated, without challenge or confrontation, for the last few hundred years ;D They make it sound like race rallies are held every other day and that the people of Scotland have silently withstood AND supported it all this time.

    Do yourself a favor – close your eyes when you listen to them and drop every mention of race or nationality and ask yourself if it sounds more like hang-wringing over non-existent, rampant racism or if it sounds like a coded message about BLM rearing its head in their areas.

  13. That bearded dude whining about all the white people in a predominantly and historically white country… does he realize that to fill even half the things he wants filled, he'd probably have to IMPORT colored people? They're like, 90-something% white for obvious reasons. Oof!