‘Measuring Covid Deaths is a Mistake’

Monash Health Professor Ben Mol explains how the medical profession (used to) measure success and failure: lost or gained ‘life years’, not pure death statistics.

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  1. We also demonised the young "You're a granny killer" and frightened little kids and locked up the playgrounds and skateparks (at least what I saw in Melbourne) "Stay away from Granny or you might give her covid"

  2. I was stood down at work this year because I didn’t have the monkey juice got covid was a bit doughy for 4 days and survived and over 50 years old so I couldn’t see why I was stood down while the ones who took the juice where off work for 2 weeks after the time I was aloud to go back to work after a three month break without pay but I know they are on borrowed time now

  3. Rubbish. A utilitarian approach to playing "god" is evil and illustrates how easily Hannah Arendt's concept of "the banality of evil" can get into our everyday thinking.
    Your comments are a good reason for doctors not being allowed to make these decisions. The issues are much deeper than a number. In Victoria billions of dollars were wasted in "helping" those that did not need help when those that could have been helped were left to die by incompetence.

  4. Regarding mandatory interventions, I think the idea was to get us used to the mandatory covid jab, then this would slowly creep to mandatory yearly flu jabs. Then who knows what next. 💊$$

  5. Let’s understand that the lions share of deaths based off of the ABS data in Australia is 80-85 years old. This is higher than the average life expectancy of an Australian. Let that sink in for a moment.

    The MSM is an absolute travesty against humanity.

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