Meat Burgers Are No Longer Normal In Germany

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. Look… I want to be the voice of the "little guy" here. Please don't take it out on the employees. It's Burger King and the the guy taking your order and serving you food is just going their job. Your beef, pun intended, is with the jackass at the top… not the average joe who already gets treated like shit.

  2. "Normal?" Sorry last I checked plant goo with imitation beef proteins for flavor or made from Da Boogs was never what people put between those buns. So cram your "normal* burger up the King's buns.

  3. What Germany considers normal… Glad they're worried about this, and not the fact that people will freeze to death this winter, their industrial collapse is being predicted by numerous geopolitical analysts, or that they've stopped breeding and are going extinct as a nation.

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