Meat Eater Decides to Challenge Vegan Activist

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I went to the University of Sussex to give a speech, and chat to students on campus about eating #animals. #debate #veganism #veganuary

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Written by Earthling Ed


  1. Well he should have thrown health in the debate too, and how a humans body are more inclined to a omnivores diet. From our teeth, to our long digestive tract. We don't have fangs, or short digestive tracts like a tiger. Chimpanzees have 99% of our DNA! Well veganism is the future anyways. Y'all that are arguing with it are just cave men, taking health risks with the saturated fats and cholesterol that body does not need. And if u say what about protein? Look at a silver back gorilla, ?. King KONG. Not even worth debating with ignorant people, though I see where they are coming from. But taste is also something u have developed over time. Anyways, I said the truth so no point in debating with me.

  2. The meat eater is intelligent, but lacks emotional intelligence. Specifically empathy towards living creatures. Seeing as he values people and animals as resources, meaning he doesn't value them at all. As he says himself: we're all just currency.

  3. That was cool two different people with two different ideas come together and sit down and have a peaceful conversation that’s how it should be but we don’t live in a world like that if Meet was illegal I’ll still go out and hunt it greatest creation made by Man Bacon

  4. Not impressed in any way- His cold, detached pseudo-intellectualization of these issues chills me. Human beings- the only sociopaths of the animal kingdom- have historically used their 'logic'- totally devoid of heart/soul- to justify the most egregious exploitations and violent crimes against nature. Defending the narcissistic and arrogant notion that human beings are the superior species, with an inherent 'right' to continue to exploit innocents , is neither uncommon nor clever.

  5. In the end everyone is entitled to live their way how they see fit. I eat meat everyday and would never change to vegan. Why would I? Why do I need to conform into what other people want me to do. My life is not your life to live. We have been eating animals for thousands of years and now because vegans come along I have to change my way of life? How about I spin the table and tell all vegans you have to eat animals for every meal. would you like being told how to live your life? He's right its all up to your perspective on morality. I think there is nothing morally wrong with eating animals. If you do, that fine. But its your opinion. And as you can say it is not the majority.

  6. At the first moment I saw them I already knew which one is vegan and which one is not. Healthy vibes from vegan and tired from meat eater.

  7. If the whole population of the world went vegan half the world would be very very sick ? blood type o needs meat ? I know this because I tried vegan and didn't thrive at all ?

  8. To make a debate fair, you still need to have a moderator (unbiased) and allocated times to make a statement each. You then have an allocated time to take peer/opposition questions, then final questions from an audience.

    This is an interview, more like a journalist trying to remain neutral.

  9. At present no one can claim to be a pure vegan. Our lives are intricately interconnected with the lives of animals. There are countless products that involves animals in the production, one way or the other.

  10. I am a meat eater, the meat eater in this video shat all over what he said until he said cows etc don't matter because they're not intelligent, what a twat thing to say! I can't believe he said that. Being smarter than something doesn't mean it should die! Everything has the right to a life, a happy life. Humans are smart enough to know that we don't HAVE to eat meat to survive. Animal byproducts aren't needed either, they're are other options. I think the Royal Mint royally fucked up using tallow in our money, wasn't necessary.

    He would soon have something to say if aliens came to Earth, saw there's 7 billion of these organic beings that are weak and easy to catch, farmed us to eat us, beat us etc, he would soon have something to say about our treatment then wouldn't he.

    Yes I sound hypocritical, I am coming round though, I promise. I make kickass bean burgers and refried beans dishes, it's a start.

    Why wouldn't he eat a human though, because its smarter than animals? There are also stupid people, he should eat himself.

    Unfortunately it's all about profit, human greed for wealth. Make it unprofitable and it'll come to an end. Thing is, in the UK it is unprofitable, it's propped up by the tax payer, vegan tax payers too, that is wrong.

    It was a good debate, no insults etc, meat eater ruined it though when he said ethics don't matter though, such a knob!

  11. Nice debate, the only thing I would've asked to Ben would've been:
    If you were on a desert island (oh yeah, the classic desert isalnd) and you had no repercussions when killing a human, and you could eat a bowl of quinoa or human flesh, and human flesh tasted better. Would you think killing the human would be wrong?
    If not, why is there any value in your personal preference and not the others personal preference to stay alive?
    If so, why do animal preferences don't matter at all when it comes to their lifes?
    Intelligence? There's a lot of people who are not very intelligent and we respect their willing to live…
    Specie? Why are some species preferences less valuable than others?
    Ability to harm? (power) Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do it, in fact it is quite the opposite, good just exists because we can make bad stuff, if there's no choice there's no moral implication.

  12. what would happen if we all stopped eating meat products , how could we cope with the proliferation of animal's , for one they certainly would be culled as there is no natural predators and the balance of nature would be catastrophic.

  13. Why do you need morals to know it's violent and uncivilized causing suffering to any living beings? Should we not as human beings evolve to want to cause the least suffering to those beings that share a breath, heartbeat and can feel pain like us? Having said that l think the guy that sat down is intelligent enough that he could be a future vegan because he is Open to new, ideas. He made a good point it needs to become illegal to sell meat of meat products and repercussions to consuming those.

  14. If only there was a way for humans to experience what it was like to be another animal for a moment, it seems logic is cold and calculating to the point where the value of life, pleasure and suffering is lost down the rabbit hole. Yet in this present moment it is so clear that to care is of the upmost importance. To safe suffering doesn’t matter because we might not be here in a million years does not take away from what we experience now, in THIS MOMENT. If only the people claiming suffering does not matter could experience the suffering they claim does not matter and then see what their cold logic has to say, I bet they would change their mind. Not that I want anyone to suffer, more so I say this on a theoretical level.

  15. Great debate, but only a despot would wish to snap their fingers and change the world to veganism overnight..also, you were a little off on the technicalities of the industrial subsidy system which functions as a form of corporate welfare, and higher quality meat rotationally grazed on permanent pasture has a negative carbon footprint with a surprisingly lower cost of production and higher quality of life than many humans on this planet despite being alive for a much shorter time..subscribed

  16. I totally agree that meat should be more expensive. It makes people I'll anyway so if more expensive people would look to healthy cheaper alternatives like legumes etc agree drop the subsidies

  17. I do not like plant based foods(it does make me feel very sick), I fish often because I like making dishes. Why do I have to be told im a murdering scumbag if other animals and fish eat each other.